Thursday, March 10, 2011

Say you'll love me every waking moment.

So, apparently I'm on the honor roll. Hey.
Because this is somewhat related, this is where my grades stand:
  • English, 89.72
  • Art, 72.50
  • Geometry, 81.18
  • Latin, 90.10
  • Science, 87.69
  • World Civ., 81.36
So, eh. Art just hasn't been updated yet, so that will be going up. As for Latin and English, I'm happy :) but math and world civ. are kind of disappointing. I'm usually fine with a high B, but for some reason I've been getting really bad test scores in math and really bad homework scores in civ. Woo.
Also pertaining to grades, I think I've pretty much given up hope of getting into a good college. Well, maybe not just a good college, but a good good college. As in Ivy League. My grades aren't fantastic, I'm not involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, I've never really accomplished some big feat, and I'm not really motivated enough to change that. Yeah. So I should just write a book and become fabulously wealthy so I can just buy my way into college :D
Also, I decided to make my life easier and make a list of all the stories I actually like, along with a brief synopsis of each. So far I only have 23, but I'm going to go through my notebooks too and add some from there. And I know there's a hell of a lot in my notebooks, haha. Never mind that most of them are barely filled...I just love fresh notebooks :3
Let's take a poll:
  • 3 are about outright insane people, and 6 are about mentally unstable people.
  • 6 are about revolution, 7 are about going against society, and 6 are about facing a seemingly invulnerable opponent.
  • 17 are about, or involve, love.
  • 6 are set in the future, and 2 are set in the past.
  • 10 are realistic fiction, and 7 are fantasy.
  • 7 juxtapose the supernatural with humanity.
  • 10 involve betrayal.
  • In 9, a main character dies.
  • 7 are about death; 4 involve immortality.
  • 13 involve soul mates.
Yes, I use the same ideas for all of my stories. Shush.
So now I'm going to add more stories to this and mess all of the numbers up ^.^
Also, I feel like talking about Up, but there's nothing to say.


  1. Yay for honor roll! :) And, honestly, I think Ivy League schools are way overrated and way overpriced, and not worth it. You're paying for the name and the "prestige" of the ability to be able to say "yeah I went to Harvard." Whatever. There are plenty of schools out there that aren't well known but are just as good or better than Ivy League.

    Buuuuut still, getting famous and fabulously wealthy can't hurt. ;) Hey, 23 stories is nothing to blow your nose at! That's awesome! I used to have a huge folder filled with dozens of half-finished stories but then I got really frustrated and deleted them all, so... yeah haha.

    WOW, the word verification is undies.

  2. Congrats on making honor roll!

    Don't sweat not going to an Ivy League. Seriously. And even if you're valedictorian and involved in everything from underwater basket weaving to the Varsity Softball team, they still might not accept you! College is a business and will take who will give them the biggest profit. That said, small liberal arts colleges are better anyway. The education is not really different. Besides, you're a freshman. CALM DOWN.

    I wish I could finish a story. I admire that you can.

  3. 23 stories?! Wow that is quite a big number for your age!

    I just wanted to say those are some spiffy grades and yay for being a freshman! To tell you the truth, I am a freshie too. I just am embarassed because I thought I was the only one :p

    Truth is I just turned 15 and feel good I'm not the only youngin on here :)

    Ivy League schools...I'd be lying if I said I didn't really want to go to Columbia but I do. There's always a part of me nagging me saying not to stress out about it but I am so I'm not the one to say much except I know what you're feeling. Bleh. Hope you have a good weekend :)