Monday, March 7, 2011


So on Saturday, I went to the mall with Kim and Shari :D I got another owl necklace! Yay. Shari didn't get any pants (which was kind of the point) but DID get a fantabulous dress. So yay.

On Sunday, I didn't do homework.

Today was, as far as Mondays go, alright. I added the required amount of quotes to my essay, but they're not very good. Whatever. I still have the world civ. project, which sucks...but...yeah. I honestly don't know what to do with that. It's about Chinese technology 1914-1945, except there wasn't any Chinese technology 1914-1945. Fantastic.
BUT, today in English, Happy and I totally won the activity at the end of one of the myth-group's presentation :) We got candy in a bag! How exciting.
In gym we actually had to do physical activity, which was just terrible.
AND I got 101% on my science test :D which is just great.
I've decided to listen to all the songs on my iPod without skipping any. On shuffle. Because I can. I'm currently on 150 out of 421. Yes, I know I have no songs, haha.

Sometimes I want to do something drastic, but the oppurtunity never really presents itself. Or I don't see it. Or there will never be an oppurtunity, and I have to make one myself? Either way, it's hard to do drastic things without the aid of a car...but now I'm just being random. Okay. I'll stop.

In other news, I have made no progress anywhere, and last night I got absolutely no sleep. It was awful. And then I couldn't walk in a straight line in the morning, haha. Yay for exhaustion!

And now I'm off to study. Yay.

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  1. But they're Chinese! They have to have invented something during that time period.... right? Maybe it was just a very secretive project. :P But yay for winning candy and getting A++s on tests! Not yay for exhaustion though...