Thursday, March 17, 2011

The lights are low; looking out for a place to go.

So, I thought today would be a really terrible day (unlike what my horoscope said), but it actually wasn't that bad. If anything it was pretty good, at least by comparison.

For one thing, I seem to be incapable of not acting like a reckless, possibly high idiot around guys I like. Last night, Up posted a 'Truth is...' status (I assume you all know what that is) and I, in my infinite caution and wisdom, thought it would be a good idea to 'like' it. In my defense, Claudia encouraged me too--but still. That made me hyper and giggly for about an hour, and then with a sinking sense of dread I felt my fears, which has slowly lost their weight as I went into omg-crush mode, become more realistic. For one thing, I'm not actually friends with him. I wouldn't mind if he had liked my own 'Truth is...', but he didn't. That just makes it weird. Another thing: he hadn't written anything yet. Could he just not think of anything, or was he even going to respond?
So, that weighed on me all day. I admit, I was a tad bit humiliated (read: very humiliated). I tried very hard not to even glance his way, in case he thought I was looking at him. I really do not want to give him any reason to think I like him. I've learned my lesson. Actually, I haven't, but more on that later.
BUT. Oh hey. I logged on to Facebook at around 8:30, after two-and-a-half hours outside with Vera and co. and another hour watched The Incredibles. And I had three notifications. Three! One of them had to be something I actually cared about. The suspense was killing me. I clicked on the tab, and FTENGKJEJGHCREINAHCMEWUJ he did! He posted on my wall!
Okay, so, all he said is "Truth is....ummm... let me get back to you on that one." BUT he responded. I didn't expect anything stupendous (you know, like "Truth is, I'm madly in love with you.") but it was killing me to know that he didn't even think I was worth a response. Also, two people liked it, so I can't get away with not commenting back :)

As for the other things that I thought would be terrible, none of them were that bad. First on that list was an in-class English essay which I was absolutely not prepared for. In-class essays are just evil. There is no way to write them decently lengthed without feeling rushed, and still having a relevant argument and an appropriate amount of quotes. However, I think mine turned out a lot better than I thought it would. The class still wasn't exactly fun, but it was a lot easier to write than I expected and I think I did pretty well :)
World civ. wasn't of much note, but then, when is it ever? The real fun began when seventh period started, and all us freshman had to go down to the auditorium for a assembly on Facebook safety. I was deeply troubled by this, naturally, as I thought the assembly would be stupid and I would miss art (and the best friends, namely Best). However, we had to sit with our seventh period class, and I ended up sitting between Shari and Best. The presentation was actually pretty enjoyable too, because they got a comedian to do it. Laughter was shared by all :3 except Best, who is pretty much stoic, but we got some chuckles out of him ^.^
Finally, the science test. I was actually really concerned about not getting a sticker score on this. For some reason physics has just imploded. I don't know why, but I'm incapable of doing it. I mean, seriously, it's just equations. Equations and graphs, and yet I cannot do it.
However, the test wasn't that bad. It's actually possible I got a good score on it (unless I'm off my rocker and got every single one horribly, horribly wrong). We're completing it on Monday, since the assembly ran late and there wasn't enough time to do the final problem. Now, I might fail that one and thereby bring the rest of my grade down, but hopefully not...obviously.

I was also going to stay after school for Model UN, but for some reason it got cancelled, so I just went home. Yeah.

It also seems relevant to mention that, during lunch today, I told Elizabeth about Up. See, I was telling Shari about the whole Facebook fiasco (look up--oh, and alliteration), somehow forgetting that Elizabeth was right next to us. So, obviously, she asked who I was talking about. Somehow the first question she asked was if he was in our English class, which narrows it down to six guys. What can I say? I'm honest. She was convinced it was Basil for about six seconds, which ended when I told her about middle school and she told me that she knew, because that son of a bitch told her. Gah. Eventually I just admitted that it was indeed Up, and she was surprised, not because he's a short Asian kid, but because I'm "so mature, and he's so immature." So I guess that's a complement?
Honestly, I'm not really worried about her going out and telling everyone. Elizabeth just seems like a legitimately nice person who would be determined not to do so by a fervent sense of morality, even if she doesn't realize it herself. Or I'm just naive, and by tomorrow the whole school will know.

So I guess my day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, haha. Just for the...well, not for anything,'s what I was listening to while writing this.
Dancing Queen by ABBA
They Don't Care About Us by Michael Jackson
Blueside by Rooney
...and silence. Naturally.

Wait, was this a decent entry? I think it was!


  1. Oh goodness, those 'truth is' thingies! Truth is I always want to like those but then I realize the person will probably just say something along the lines of "truth is I don't really know you at all but you seem nice" and that will just be pointless... BUT that is good news that he did respond. :D Even if his response wasn't exactly groundbreaking, it's still a good sign, right?

    Urgh, we had to do in-class essays in English this year and I just did not like them. For me, if I'm not in that writing-y kinda mood, then I just cannot for the life of me spit out a quality essay in less than an hour. It's just not happening. Luckily my teacher likes me and frequently gives me As when I don't really deserve them. :)

  2. This is a great entry :D 1. Don't worry, it's on our minds to act like idiots around guys we like. I do it all the time. 2. I hate Facebook suspense, the same tbing happened to me today and well waiting is a pain! But good job for boy progress :) 3. In class essays can go die. Thank god my teacher never grades them. ANDDD 4. That was indeed a compliment and it seems like every guy is immature at our age so don't sweat it :)

    Have a great end of the weekend!

  3. I really think you should read the Ruby Oliver books,the first of which is The Boyfriend List.
    I believe you'd enjoy them.

    Yeah, the 'truth is' things hardly amount to anything. No one is that bold nor brazen. 'Tis a shame.

    I wish I would learn my lesson.

    We have to do essays in English class that have two parts. One part is strict commentary on the writer's use of language and the other part is to imitate the author's style and write a short piece. Time is definitely a crunch. So I can relate.

    P.S. I had a "date" with my Tennis Lover. I thought you'd be thrilled to know. :D