Thursday, March 24, 2011

Also, it is Thursday.

The most interesting part of the day was FINALLY getting scheduled for a course selection conference with my counselor, which was conveniently scheduled during gym. I don't think she knew that she was supposed to strongly discourage me from taking two science classes, along with all honors and AP next year.
Well, it's not officially decided, but that's what we put down because it seems likely. I'm taking both biology and chemistry next year.
I think part of me wants to do this to myself because everyone tells me I shouldn't. I'm like that. And another part of me thinks I can handle it. And another part of me wants to be able to. Because, what do you do when you can't do something? Do it anyway! So if I get any skill in the way of time management, I'll be fine. I need to be more focused, anyway.
Also, apparently creative writing is only a semester course, so I'm also taking financial literacy (I think). I'm kind of bummed and relieved about this, because having a semester essentially free (in case I don't want to take financial literacy next year) is kind of a good thing. If I really wanted to I could take lunch and resume my usual do-half-my-homework-in-lunch arrangement, but I feel like I won't. Besides, Shoob is taking financial literacy next year, so it would be awesome to have that class with her :)

In other news, it's extremely difficult to do a science lab without a protractor. SO GUESS WHAT I'M DOING IN LUNCH TOMORROW.
I also haven't really done much in the way of editing my English essay, which is also due tomorrow. I sent it to Kim to go over, and twenty minutes and no word later, she tells me she has to go =.= So that worked out well.
However, I did finish my math homework! Just on a whim, really. She never checks it, but I was trying to distract myself from my inevitable scientific doom.

Also, it is Thursday. Huh.
I have a in-class essay world civ. What. About Hitler. I am so not enthused about this.
OH, I almost forgot! Apparently, I got reccomended for all Honors and AP next year :D Yay, teachers think I'm smart.


  1. Yeahhhh scheduling for next year is starting for us too... I'm in kind of the same pickle as you with trying to decide whether or not to take classes that I may or may not be able to handle... rawr. AP English obviously, but do I dare partake in both AP Bio and AP Calc? Sigh. I don't know. DECISIONS.

    Yay for doing homework at lunch! That's always productive! I'm just excited for it to be the weekend.

  2. Yesterday (Thursday) we had to have our schedules for next year finalized too. I posted what I'm taking in my latest entry. Check it out, yo.

    And if you do, you'll know I'll say you can do it! Especially if everyone else is a naysayer. Prove 'em wrong!

  3. Congrats on the recommendations for Honors and AP classes :D Just don't go too crazy next year :)

    Oh and the verification word for this was noose. How weird!