Saturday, April 24, 2010

Salad Sonata, Part Two: The Accompaniment

I have done it again.

  1. Honeydew. Honeydew is amazing. An entire one, yes.
  2. Half a canteloupe. In case you weren't sure, canteloupe are huge. You won't have as much as the other stuff, but seriously, just use half. Oh, and don't forget to cut the skin off! It may be decieving, cuz it's the same color and all that, but it's really hard and chewy and yicky.
  3. One small watermelon! Oh my God, I love watermelon. It is far superior to every other melon on the planet. Use a small one, though! Or half of a large one, I suppose.
  4. About 1/4 a bag of shredded coconut. Mmmmm.
I am a master chef, yes.


  1. I hate coconut. But everything else is AWESOME! :D

    supetro. sounds like some spanish soup? or dish? i dunno.

  2. Mmmmm... it sounds so good! :D Perfect for a lovely summer picnic of sorts, or something.