Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NJASK, Part One

Fuhhhhhhhhh the first day is the worst. Two open-ended responses and a persuasive essay on how hard it is to be a teenager, plus a crapload of ridiculously easy multiple choice. They said we could read this time but never gave us an oppurtunity to read our books...what?
Tomorrow, presumabely more open-ended and either a story or a three-paragraph essay. You can guess which one I'm rooting for. Then we have science (which I think happens every four years?) and then THREE HOURS of math. Ughhhhh. Standardized testing is not my favorite thing.
[The Night Starts Here--Stars]
No one believes me when I say I don't like Basil anymore. No one. NO ONE. Not even the people I don't know very well! Like, wtf? Why is it so hard to believe? It's not I was going to like him forever. Jesus, he's such a dickwad...ugh....revenge.....oops. Did that slip out?
That's pretty much all. G'Bye.


  1. my grandpa died at 7:07 pm tuesday April 2010. he was one of the last survivors of world war 2. he died of a major heart attack. the reason for his heart attack was due to his four broken ribs he got last month. i am so sad. please wear tomorrow with me. death is something no one can escape or prolong. i am so depressed.
    the only thing bad about computers is that you can't see my tears.

  2. I believe that you don't like Basil anymore.

    Cernicu. Um?

  3. A persuasive essay about teenage angst? Well, I guess that part doesn't seem tooo hard haha. But three hours of math? Uh, yeah, not fun whatsoever... :P