Monday, March 22, 2010

You owe me money for the picture of the sloth.

Well! I'm a little sad that no one's commented in, like, two days.
Yesterday was AWESOME. I was totally getting all depressed because I thought I would just be sitting at home the entire day, but then SILVER CALLED! YAY! We went to the park first, because her mom had a thing to do, and watched her adorable little sister. Then we got Rita's! Yay for water ice! Anyway, after that we went back to her house, played Extreme Go Fish (trust me. it's too extreme for you.) and went exploring in the tiny strip of forest behind her house! And by exploring I mean painstakingly crossing a couple logs across a little stream, standing on damp rocks in the MIDDLE of the stream, and getting eaten by thorns (I have the scars to prove it). Anyway, we went pretty far down, and I saw this thing I THOUGHT was a log but then discovered it was actually a pipe. I TRIED to cross it, but I couldn't balance on it enough to feel comfortable crawling, so I tried to sit on it and scootch my way across. But I was using the ground to push myself off, and then the ground WASN'T THERE, and I totally fell.
Except I DIDN'T fall. There was a split-second of falling. And in that time I totally grabbed the pipe with my arms and hooked my legs around it. I was HANGING FROM THE PIPE. And it was awesome. I mean, after I realized what had happened, I screamed, and then staid there freaking for a moment, but then, since I wasn't too far from the ground, I managed to stretch my leg out and reach the bank. It was AWESOME.
Like this, except more hanging-on-for-dear-life than just chillin' out.
Oh, and I was TOTALLY wearing a skort this entire time.
And we had baked potatoes for dinner. Yummmmmmmmmmm.
Today was kinda meh. I discovered that Nat sits in the same seat as me in science (where she erased what I wrote on the table...gah), and the power went out at the VERY END OF THE DAY, which is useless. How was your day?


  1. not to extreme for MEEEE!! and theres no way im payin for that picture, i was the one who took it, you know. and theres 3 people who have it sooo... i like that picture, but the sloth is to cute for you. hes adowabwle!

  2. Extreme Go Fish sounds pretty awesome, and so does your slothlike near-falling experience, hahaha :D I bet that was one of those times you really wish you had a camera to catch that moment on video, huh? ;)

    It's currently thunderstorming, so I hope the power doesn't go out here too O:

  3. that day sounds so freakin epic, dear strawberry!!! oh my gosh!!

    hahah. sloth. that is so awesome!

    extreme go fish to extreme for me? yeah, right. :P

    Apborte. haha! Sounds like a fancy entree or something.

  4. Where was your friend? Did she just leave you hanging?