Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As you can imagine.

Well! Tomorrow is St. Patty's day. I totally want, like, a green afro wig to wear to school.
Today brought boringness and uneventfulness to a whole new level. Seriously, nothing even REMOTELY of interest happened. It was quite pathetic.
Oh, and I want to change my blog template again. I mean, I like this layout, I do. But it's not really me, you know? I never thought it was.

"Why can't you just write about your life?"
"Yeah right. Like anybody wants to read about my life. What am I supposed to write? 'Today, I did nothing meaningful or memorable. I laughed half-heartedly at jokes I don't remember and pined longingly for someone I will never have. I stared into a cat litter box and contemplated the meaning of life.'"
"That's a start."

So, this is my latest idea for a story. A writer who can't seem to finish a book. SOUND LIKE ANYONE WE KNOW? Except, in this world, the writer is a girl named Katy (or something along those lines) and she has a best guy friend named Jon. That's her and Jon talking, right there.
I also made up a story last night. I do that a lot, you see, to keep from imagining something terrible in the night, but these stories seem more private. They're not exactly personal, but I make them for my own benefit, you know? And, since I don't plan on writing them, they don't have to make sense or have any explanations.
But anyway. My latest one involves angels--I have a bit of an obsession with angels. There's this girl, you see, and she shows up to school one year COMPLETELY different. This guy takes notice of her (you'd think it's because she's suddenly all confident and everything, but alas, he has ulterior motives...is that how you spell it? ulterior?) and they become friends. THEN she tells him that, over the summer, she got caught up with some fallen angels that said she was 'special'. When they put on this diamond necklace, she starts glowing and stuff, and golden tattoos cover her entire body (you can imagine she doesn't wear this necklace in public too often). When one of them wears it, it glows black and then their eyes turn completely black and they get a tattoo (i'm liking tattoos in this story, as you can imagine) of some ferocious animal, like a wolf or something. It's pretty scary...as you can imagine. Anyway, she tells him that they were okay with her leaving them to go back to school, BUT a surprise visit from one of the fallen angels demanding her return (they want to use her as a weapon, you see) reveals that she ran away from them. She refuses, and they kill her family. Pleasant, yes. She plans on running away again, except this time FAR AWAY, and right before her new guy reveals that he, too, is an angel, except a good one, and he wants to come with her to protect her. She thinks he's kidding. Until he shows her his wings, of course, and that the necklace glows white when he puts it on and tattoos similar to her own appear on his skin, except his depict what his soul is like and hers are mostly just intricate swirls and patterns, with a bird similar to a phoenix on her back. Anyway, she still goes off on her own. And, that's as far as I got.
Forgive it being so scattered. It's not meant to be shared, obviously :)


  1. Angels and Demons.

  2. You said "you see" 2 times. All in the same entry. Just so you know. And you got to talk to me! Isn't that special enough for you?
    And instead of Katy falling for jon, she should fall for his best guy friend or brother or something. The best guy friend thing is so predicatable. The other one is tottaly epicly awesome.

  3. Oooo I mean 3. Typo. I didnt re- count.

  4. You certainly like the phrase "as you can imagine" don't you? :D

    i wasn't lying when i said you had mad rapping skillz! thats no lie, home fry! see? way better than mine! haha :P

    i like both those stories. One better than the other. But both are great!

    Hyonso. is that what yours was? but yes, very japanese!

    mine is Inves. How boring!