Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cross your heart.

Have you ever noticed that art projects never turn out the way you originally thought? They usually turn out worse.
I keep thinking about part of our discussion in English and how a reoccuring theme in I Am Sam (besides The Beatles) was the color red. And now I kinda wanna write something centered around one specific color or image or something, only I can't actually think of the story. Extreme writer's block, remember? Oh well. What should my lovely symbol be?


  1. Easy. A strawberry. (:

    p.s. a home fry is something you call a close friend. i call my friends that all the time. (:

    Beleaf. Ha. different way to spell belief (:

  2. Yeah. Like a painting I once did... It ended up looking completely horrible! I guess I had too high of expectations for my artistic ability, haha :P

    Hmmmm... Well, in the show Lost there are always a bunch of reoccuring Alice In Wonderland related themes, so maybe you could do something like that and allude to some other book or something? I dunno!

  3. the art thing isnt nessecarily true, last year i acidentaly chopped the top of somthing i was making, and not only did it look awesome, but it turned out the other thing wouldnt have worked at all. the theme should be how all rodents are misunderstood. exept that they arent. rats are filthy vermin with rabies. speaking of filthy vermin with rabies...

  4. Yo, I haven't written on here for awhile, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I think your writing has gotten a lot and in my opinion, you are expressing yourself a lot better. But that's just me.

    I don't know when I'll blog again because I'm too preoccupied with colleges and such, and I've diverted my full attention to becomeing a director. I'm getting a video camera soon and I've already talked with some people at the Art Institute in Chicago and how I'm going to apply there for college.

    I'm going to get an apartment there (Chicago) with Andrew because he will be doing Animation (he's an AMAZING cartoonist) if we both get in.

    So that's my life.

    Love, Love, Love,