Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to say goodbye...

I finally bought and reread How to Say Goodbye in Robot, and now I have that feeling again. That empty, sad feeling like something got ripped out of my heart. It's very rare that something makes me cry twice. The first time I read Shiver, I bawled, but the second time I didn't even tear up. I still have tears in my eyes now.
I wish real life was like a book. In books, there are trials where you can actually prove yourself and be someone. In real life you're just the living dead.


  1. "In real life you're just the living dead." Interesting thought.

    RE: Thanks. I love the song, too. STARS is one of my favorite artists.

    People wonder why you're not "fashionable"?

  2. I know! You too, I suppose. I happened to be on my blog and stuffs. I'm about ready to write an entry.

    Aha, awesome. My favorite line/lyric: "What now, kid? Which way, love?"

    Alright. It's whatever.

  3. In real life there is no plot.

    Crank made me really depressed...

    Sometimes I feel like books are too real for me...all of a sudden you're sucked in, and feel like you're a part of all of it...

  4. I must read How To Say Goodbye In Robot AND Shiver! ASAP! I just finished one of the 5 books I'm reading right now. The Outsiders. It was AMAZING! Go read it if you haven't! :)

    Ballyc. BALL-ICK. LOL hah. funny!

  5. Okay, I am going to FORCE my mom to take me to the nearest bookstore to find this freaking book! I went to the library to check for it ONE LAST TIME but it was useless. But don't worry, one way or another I WILL get my hands on this book!

  6. You're right Word Verification Buddy. I don't NEED a new laptop, I want one. BUT if my laptop doesn't work anymore, then I'll NEED a new one. (:

    Ha. That sucks.

    The Outsiders is boss!

    I know! I need to read them asap!

    Sescrost. yes, DIRTY!

    I have ingensuf. Sounds like something you say before you embark on a long adventure! INGENSUF! lol :D