Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm just like everyone else.

Well! Aside from nearly crying from boredom in science, I had a completely uneventful/depressing day.

12 Likes and 8 Dislikes

I like.....that exhilarating feeling you get when you're having an insane amount of fun with your friends, blank pages of paper paired with black gel pens, when you see something beautiful, iTunes gift cards, snow falling at night, lazy sunny afternoons spent lounging about with my cats, getting a really good grade on a test/homework assignment, getting everything done and having no obligations, delicious food, confidence, love, and making people genuinely laugh.
I despise...disappointment, my own impatience, that feeling that everything knows something except you, when people don't tell me secrets, that vague fear you get when you imagine something terrifying even though it's not really there, when none of my friends are on Facebook, and going long periods of time without Basil.

And there you have it. Please tag yourself! And comment! Commenting is good.


  1. I'll tag myself come next entry.

    RE: Oh. Alright then.

    It's okay. We all have our indulgences. Haha.

    This is mighty true. EVERYTHING is better in Scotland. :D

  2. If I had cats, I think I would like spending lazy sunny afternoons lounging around with them too :) But alas, my parents are allergic... And that feeling of everyone knowing something but you, like a secret perhaps, yeah, that does suck :P

  3. somehow I feel like I'd prefer to be a lazy cat...

    And no, everything is better in Venice :P