Friday, February 5, 2010

Why do you think I'm crazy? I'm just like everyone else.

According to Silver, one of the many reasons Basil is so bothered by me is: I am to HIM what Stalker is to her. And that's when I realized: HOLY CRAP SHE'S RIGHT! I'm the weird, socially rejected loser that no one talks to to them. CRUD.
[Look What You've Done-Jet]
Oh! And in English, in which I sit with Gross, Happy, Jon, and Sally, I mentioned how pathetic it was that in elementary school I liked, like, five different guys, when GROSS says, "Yeah, and now you only like one...AND HE'S STANDING BY THE DOOR!!!!" Guess who was standing by the door? Yeah. It was hilarious, of course, but I probably should've denied it or something. Not like they'd believe me or anything.

Art: A+ Follows expectations consistently
French: A Excellent progress, Is a pleasure to have in class
Humanities: B+ Good progress
Math: A- Good progress, Has improved over quarter
English: A- Good progress, Is a pleasure to have in class
Music: A
Gym: A+ Good progress
Science: A Excellent progress, Works well independently, Is a pleasure to have in class

I love being smart.
Even though Humanities is a, urm, blot...I'm happy as long as I don't get more than one B a marking period. And I find it kind of funny that Ms. Squidman (science) picked up on the fact that I hate people.

English: HONORS!!!
History: ....advanced *grumbles*
Science: HONORS!!!
French: HONORS!!!
Math: HONORS!!!

I don't think more needs to be said...:) Except that I'm taking Honors World Civ. (history/humanities) anyway, because it's not like history is my weak point, and I'd feel kinda silly taking all Honors except for that one class.
Oh, and did you know neither Creative Writing or Psychology are available to freshman??? Screw that! But it does open up Art for me, which I wanted to take but didn't have time for. And I'm not sure about lunch. Not sure at all. And I REALLY don't want to take all four years of Science or History, especially when only three years is required. But it looks good for college...bah! What do YOU think?
[We're Going to Be Friends--The White Stripes]
This song is unbearably adorable.
So! Along with a chocolate donut, my mom also brought me an issue of Teen Vogue, which made me realize just how unfashionable I am. I mean, I know I'm not exactly on the height of fashion, but I didn't think it was that bad. Did you know clogs, sequins, and bright colors are in? I sure didn't.
Now I want to go shopping.
I need this coat. NEED IT. As in, I will die if I don't have it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to use it till next year, when I might not even like it, or it'll be so out of style I might as well show up in a clown outfit! *sigh*...It's $52-somthing at Nordstrom's, which we all know is my favorite clothing store, aside from JCP.
So, I dunno, I'm kinda desperate for a change in high school. I hate being the weird-loser-in-the-corner person. I hate being insecure and embarrassed and afraid all the time. I hate being entirely dependent on other people. I hate acting like a freak because it's all I have to act like. I just want to be something different. And this is my last chance to do it.
I don't know why, but I really love these shows. They're 30 bucks at JCP, which is a bit pricey considering I'd be the one buying them. I dunno, what do you think? A bit too horrendous for public?
I'm off to Facebook to see if one of my friends are on. Toodaloo!


  1. I will also wonder what Basil's real name is.

    Lucky yew you only have to take three years of science! Florida has gone commando. We have to four years of all the core classes (English, History, Math, Science) in order to graduate.

    Good grades! Keep it up.

    High school is fun; stop sweating it. I make myself and my friends laugh with my weird self and that's all that really matters. People in my class know me as 'one of the smart kids' but they don't outcast me. It's probably because I'm not a friggin' snot and I give everyone a smile. Oh, and because I'm in a program for really smart, really motivated kids (higher than Honors) and we all have our quirks.

  2. You're a wiz kid! I wish I was that smart! Way to go! (:

    I want that coat now. Thanks. And those sandals are really cute! You should get them. I like them! (:

    Witistee WY-TIS-TEE hahahah funnnay! (: i dunno tho tessiti is still funny. and ENTUFFEL! fiessema still remains king tho.