Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Or 328.
Well! Yesterday was fun (I wonder how many times I've said this on here...?). I went to the Meast Orientation, completely skipped the actual presentation in favor of an early tour around the school, and hung out with Silver, Nat, Lolo, Melissa, and Kim! Yay.
My mouse isn't working very well and it's extremely annoying.
Oh, and I feel empowered, because yesterday I cancelled debate club. Go me.
Secret of the day: I love soduko. Love it. I play it all the time. But I hate it when I mess up and can't find my mistake, cuz then I have to start all over and it wastes eraser.
Never do soduko in pen. Just don't do it.
I have a feeling I have more to blog about, but I can't think of anything right now.

...besides the hunt for the perfect story and my conflicted desire to buy this gorgeous green journal at Barnes and Noble that I can't find a link to. I have a thing for journals, you see.
I need jeans.
I love this pencil case.


  1. Sudoku's fun. I like kenken myself

  2. can't play sudoku, makes my brain hurt. my mom can play it and use a pen!

  3. My parents are obsessed with sudoku, haha. I've tried completing one countless but I always end up getting distracted and giving up hahah. And I do like that pencil case, pretty nifty :D