Thursday, February 25, 2010


It seems like a lot has happened but really that's just how slow the week is going. Today a seventh grader, Nate, spent ten minutes glaring at me. I was scared. But he was just joking :)
So. I feel like writing about Basil (who's going to do something involving Elaina because he "doesn't have anything to lose", but I don't know what). I feel like writing my feelings. Ya know, my heart on my sleeve? Let's see what I come up with.

Dear Basil,
Are you still under the ludicrous impression I'm madly in love with you? Well, don't be. You're a petty, hypocritical swine, and every time I see you I am disgusted more. You are (and pardon my French) an asshole. You feel bad for yourself because some poor loser has a crush on you--a crush that managed to last two years--but how do you think I feel?
I'll tell you how I feel. Basil, I have suffered two years of you beating me into the ground for no reason other than that I "like" you. I have suffered two years hanging onto your every word, desperately disescting and attempting to define even a passing glance. I have suffered two years of you completely ignoring me--pretending I don't exist--but only to my face. To my friends and your friends, you seem to have nothing to say but to insult me. I have suffered two years of this, Basil. I will not suffer any more.
So don't worry. You can stop insulting me behind my back. You can't stop pretending I don't exist. I'm done with you. I'm done with you hating me...and I'm done being obsessed with you. Basil, did you know I've never shed a single tear for you? And I never will.
But...But what really gets me, what really kills me, is that you know exactly how I feel and yet you remain an unsympathetic bastard. You are hopelessly attached to someone way out of your league who has absolutely no interest in you, and everyone knows about it...and yet I'm the freak, the stalker, the loser. How? How can you consciously torture me every day when you know exactly what you're doing? How can you stoop so low as to insult me when really, you're insulting yourself?
But it doesn't even matter anymore. You've been trying to tell me for years, Basil, and it's finally sunk in--you are one of the most disgusting, currupt people on the face of the planet. I have no interest in you. There is no place in my heart for you--not anymore.
Goodbye. And good riddance.

Too melodramatic?

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  1. I don't think that was too melodramatic, it felt very empowering to me! That's terrific that you've moved past Basil, after he's been treating you not exactly nicely. And for some reason I really like the phrase "petty, hypocritical swine..." :D