Friday, February 12, 2010

In my head...

Well. Yesterday was super, incredibly fun, and I'm not just saying that. Kim and I made a movie about a social outcast who goes on a killing spree! Yup, it's funny. And cold. So, so cold.
I would try to muster up more enthusiam for this but my face hurts.
Today is Nat's birthday! Wish her a happy birthday! Later we're going to see Valentine's Day, which is appropiate, considering Valentine's Day is in two days.
The dance was cancelled. Tear.

...I want a Valentine!!! *sobs*


  1. every girl wants to have a valentine, including me!
    sadly we're the girls who get forgotten Y_Y

  2. Meh. Stupid Valentine's Day. But whatever, I guess I've just given up on it :P I'm glad you had fun making your killing spree movie, haha. That sounds really odd... But yeah, happy birthday to Nat!