Thursday, February 4, 2010

So they took to the trees, and they took to the skies...

Frankly, I'm bored. I'm bored with school and I'm just bored in general. Even little pockets of fun are too short-lived to make a difference. And you know what wakes me up? You really, really wanna know? Basil. Do you know how long it's been since anything's happened with him? Weeks. Do you know how long it's been since he's said a word to me? Months. No wonder I feel dead inside.
I'm really, really sorry to Lizzie and Natalie for not responding to your comments on my last post. I just couldn't think of anything to say. I'm in a bit of a mood, you see. And I'll probably respond later, but I can assure you that any form of comment would be
I hate my compooter.
I don't remember what I said, so I guess I'll just start over...
[The Mission--Puscifer]
This song is majorly awesome. Like, seriously, go listen to it. I can't wait till I actually have some iTunes money and can buy it....
Whenever I listen to a song I imagine where it would go in a movie.
I'm having pizza and milk for dinner.
[Almost Lover--A Fine Frenzy]
So! Today Lolo and I overheard some girl saying she only liked ONE guy. And Lolo laughed when I said I only liked ONE guy (which I do). And she said I had a "thing" for other Apple and Daniel. Which I guess is true, but it's not the same. Haha, it's a facasseion.
[Look What You've Done--Jet]
I like this song. It's kinda pretty, kinda sad (except one part that ruins it). And if I say it's good, you KNOW it must be good! Listen, listen!
I was going to say something, but I forget what.
Oh yeah! I'm a sea of contradictions, did you know that? In the last post I pondered over how mean I am, but now I realize, sometimes I really do care. But only about a select few people--if one of my friends has a problem, I will go out of my way to help them (don't laugh, guys...I really will). Sometimes even if they don't want me to. And I hate the disappointment of others--this applies to anyone. Like, really, you had been planning something and it got cancelled? You didn't get that puppy your mom hinted at? You're finally happy and something goes wrong? I want to cry for you. I really, really do.
And, seriously, kids. Kids should never be hurt. All those kids in Haiti? Messed up. They, of all people, shouldn't have to go through that.
[Ricochet--Shiny Toy Guns]
This song is also beyond cool. I highly suggest you go listen to it, because if you haven't, you're not cool.


  1. Well I want to be cool. SO i must listen to it. (:

    Yes, Jet is so good!

    I know. i hate that indie, quirky, nerdy, unique is the fricken trend! Its so stupid and maddening. Ya know what i mean? I'm mean SeRIOUSLY! gahh!

    Musha. hhaha.

    sorry bout your mood dude! :(

    Tessiti. Teh-ss-eetee. HAHAH tessiti! HILARIOUS! :D

  2. I hate Season of Posion. That album was a bigger disappointment that Narrow Stairs. I apologize that this has almost nothing to do with your post.

  3. Yeah, some people just aren't capable of being original.

    Haha I'll be cool in a sec!

    Music wimp, you're not! Just branch out a teensy bit at a time. Thats what I do. (:

    ENTUFFEL?!?!?! OH MY GOD THATS THE GREATEST!!!! thats like the son of Fiessema! Prince Entuffel!! lol i'm so weird!!

    Your mood is over! Haha mood and dude!!! LOL (: