Sunday, February 7, 2010

If everything could ever feel this real forever....If anything could ever be this good again.

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[Honest Goodbye--Bad Religion]
So. I really have done nothing this entire weekend. Apparently there's a two-hour delay tomorrow, and I have no idea when I'm supposed to be at the bus stop.
I'm still planning out high school, which is as welcome as it is terrifying.
And I wonder, if the school knew about my blog and actually read it, if I would be even more of a social outcast than I am now?
[Everlong--Foo Fighters]
I like this song so much better in acoustic than the original.
Well! Today, because I was bored (though that was all day), I decided to re-organize my Stories bin on the computer. And I had a grand total of, dundundun: 138 stories. Yeah. One-hundred thirty-eight. If I actually finished and published all of them, I'd be a millionare even if they were terrible.
Anyway! After a lot of deleting, I am down to a grand total of: 25.
I amaze me.
[Cold Hard Bitch--Jet]
And now I'm bored, because no one has been on Facebook all weekend, and I want to do something interesting but I don't. You know what I want? I want to talk to someone. I want to see someone in front of me. And it doesn't even have to be one of my friends. It could be Basil. Or Apple. Heck, even Elaina. Someone unusual, who I don't usually talk to. Fugh, that's not going to happen.
I'm now going to write. Or something.

Oh! But here's a handy-dandy list of things I'm worried about, regarding high school:
  1. High school. In general.
  2. The bus! The bus almost more than anything else! Oh, God. I kinda act insane on the bus. I do NOT need that haunting me for the next four years. On the bus, you're not as nice as you are in school. Soooo, if mean seniors are going to make fun of my clothes or something, they'll do it there. And it's so awkward, walking up on the bus for the first time, when everyone can see you, kinda scanning the bus, looking at all those staring eyes, frantically looking for your friends, plopping down in the first open seat you find (or with your friends), worrying about sitting too far back (for a freshman, you know) or taking someone's seat, giggling like a maniac out of nervousness, saying hi (quietly!) to your friends, terrified of looking back in case anyone's looking at you, feeling self-conscious about the outfit you wore (I SHOULD'VE WORN THAT BLUE SHIRT!!! THIS GREEN ONE IS SO UGLY!!! FROM NOW ON EVERYONE WILL KNOW ME AS THE GIRL IN THE UGLY GREEN SHIRT!!! AHHHHH!!!).
  3. Acting the same way I do now in school. I just can't do that again.
  4. Having the mean teacher(s) that give(s) all the homework. I'M NOT DOING THAT, MAN.
  5. Not having any classes with Basil/my friends.
  6. Having classes with Basil.
  8. Not getting the PERFECT outfit on the first day. Or looking ugly. Or not getting rid of my yuchy acne by the time school starts. Or, like, ballooning over the summer and getting pudgy or something X(
  9. PRESSURE, MAN!!!!!
Bah. I can't think of anything else.


    It'll be okay.
    Take a deep breath.

    RE: I live in Florida, remember? It's tropical here.


    Nope, it's not fun.

    Yes, yes you did.

  2. you go to the bus 2 hours later than normal, dur! geez, you dont need a phd to figure it out. and dont wory about the bus, if you sit in the very first seat, no one will notice you.