Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh, look what you've've made a fool of everyone.

Oh, well, it seems like such fun, until you lose what you had won.

[The Mission--Puscifer]
I love Sims 2. It's a great distraction.
IT FINALLY SNOWED. I was beginning to think it never would. And it's, like, nine feet high. Okay, not. But still. I miss having a dog who loved snow, because Jake sure doesn't, and I'm pretty sure the cats wouldn't either. I haven't gone outside yet, because it's still snowing, because I don't want to get all my gear on, and because I'm no longer speaking to Vera and I'd feel silly all by myself. So, alas. Boredom.
[Almost Lovers--A Fine Frenzy]
I wish someone was online so I could DISCUSS things with them. Don't ask why I capitalized 'discuss'.
I wish I had a subscription to Seventeen. And National Geographic.
I am a sea of contradictions, aren't I?
[Look What You've Done--Jet]
From now on I'm going to bold the song the title came from.
Gah! Frustration. I have a bunch of snipits of story just floating around in my head, and I can't put any of them into words, let alone put them together. And I feel a bit heavy-hearted. Barghles. I'm off to play Sims and wish I had something substantial to say.


  1. I love Look What You've Done.

    Witistee. Haha sounds like it would be a fun camp! Duke Witistee. LOL :D

    Yeah, new image. Love it!

    Sorry. I'll try and blog as often as you do! :D

    Fripho. Ha. Kinda funny. Sounds like some type of starbucks drink. LOL

  2. It's awesome that you got snow. I've never seen any. You make me want to play the Sims! Too bad I don't any for the PC, only Nintendo Gamecube.

    RE: Ahh, okay. You don't have to tell me. Seriously, it's alright.

    Electives are the best until you get stuck in one you didn't really want because the ones you did want are already full. Just sayin'.

    I'm not sure how to respond to that massive paragraph you wrote about not thinking you're smart so I just won't.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  3. how do i follow people? how did you say that you followed my blog? i don't get it!!!

  4. It literally did snow nine feet here :P Okay, no, just three, but still... that's a lot! My aunt gave me a Seventeen magazine subscription for my birthday... you should get one if you want! Have fun playing Sims, hehe!