Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm trying not to think about you...Can't you just let me be?

So long my luckless romance, my back is turned on you. Shoulda known you'd bring me heartache...almost-lovers always do.
What was that song on the new Pepsi commercial?
[Almost Lover--A Fine Frenzy]
I'm going to use this font today.
OKAY. Time to address something that's been bugging me for ages. I know you all mean well and are trying to make me feel better and honestly think you could be right, and I appreciate it, but here's the truth: Basil. Will. NEVER. Like. Me. And even if he got hit on the head really, really hard and fell madly in love with me, I will inform you when that happens. He doesn't RIGHT NOW. So please, PLEASE, stop suggesting that maybe I should just talk to him, that he's just shy, or that maybe secretly he likes me. I won't, he's not, and he doesn't. And it really, really hurts to think that if I had done something different, your advice might actually be valid. I'm begging you.
[Where Is My Mind?--Pixies]
So, we're getting both our report cards and our high school class reccomendations on Friday. Excitement! I'm a little concerned about math, because I'll probably not qualify for Honors (a B last semester, ugh!), and if I get a B again this semester, I'm screwed. Ew, B. Ew. And if Mrs. Halden does NOT reccomend me for Honors English, I will have a few fine words to say to HER!
[Look What You've Done--Jet]
Oh, and Debate was cancelled. Phooey. And then in the hall, I overheard Basil and Apple talking about how they didn't really wanna go lately. And then I realized I probably wouldn't wanna go either if they didn't, even though it was really fun last time when Basil didn't show up till the end.
Ohhhh! But I'm sitting on the opposite side of the lunch table now so there's NO WAY Basil can think I'm staring at him. I will NOT be called a stalker.
And that brings us to a complete circle, because me talking about that prompted the comment that prompted my rant about comments:
If you weren't staring at Basil, how would you know he didn't look your way?
Because, MOM (oops, I mean 'anonymous'...), he hates me. Remember? HE. HATES. ME. Can I not stress that enough? He hates me with a hate that is MORE THAN A FREAKING HATE
[and that is the reason, as all kids know,
in that school by the noisy highway,
that I am depressed at my crush's detest,
me and my dear Basil-y Lee]
Okay, so I had to work a bit at the end. Tell me if you can read it. Haha, his real name would actually fit perfectly there.
So. So. I wonder who I was in another life. Was I in the same situation? Was I exactly the same person? Was my life different? Was I rich, poor, ugly, pretty, smart, stupid?
[Ocean Breathes Salty--Modest Mouse]
It would be cool to be in a TV show.
No, I don't just mean an actor. I mean, have a TV show about your life. Because they have a lot of crappy shows about people's lives that no one cares about, so why not normal people? Ya know, like me? I think I could make my life interesting enough to be a TV show. I wish I could make my own, using my awesome video camera. Sigh. G'bye.


  1. I always imgaine I'm on TV. Like in the Truman show.

  2. You should make your own tv show. That'd be the greatest one out there. Have you ever seen "My Life As Liz?" Its not unique at all like she's trying to be. MTV is just stupid for making that show. Its pretty okay. I guess. I mean, its growing on me(eww) but it is. BUT STILL, its not unique and indie and cool and stuff. ITs so cookie-cutter its sick! Sorry. I had to get that off my chest. But ya, your show would rooock!

    Musha. ha. yeah, i still like iMing way better! ancient chinese itunes. how epic!

  3. B's are evil :P I hope you get all of the recommendations that you want!

    It's weird to think about if everyone really did have another life. If we did, I wonder if it's exclusively humans as other humans, or if you could have been animals too. Weird.

    And I think it would be awesome to have your own TV show! Maybe not showcasing all of the boring parts where I just watch TV and do homework and go on the computer, but the rest is pretty interesting :D