Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be my Valentine?

Happy two-year anniversary, my dear.
Oh, did you think I forgot? I've been waiting for this day for awhile. I guess you forgot, but yes, it's been two years. Two. Freaking. Years.
I think I wanted this day to come.

Well! Valentine's Day was actually not as bad as SOME people said it was. I thought it was really sweet, especially at the end when everything worked out (oops! Did I spoil it for you?). It was cool how everyone was connected somehow.
Oh, and since Lolo and I got there earlier, we got in, but Nat and Melissa didn't. Yup, by the time they got to the theatre, it was sold out. SOOOO, they saw Dear John. And that was some useless information right there.
G'bye. I'll update you if someone sends, like, a huge bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates and a note saying they're madly in love with me...or something.


  1. I love Dear John. So good. So sad. I really wanna see Valentines Day though. Looks stellar!

    No, I don't live on Barnaby drive. I live on Barbey Drive. Yes, Barbey. Haha. Anywho, I took that pic down just so I wouldn't get killed in the night, ya know?

    Hhaha funny word. Cacunde. HAHA! YES! CACUNDE! That is something you say before you enter a battle. CACUNDE!!!! :D

  2. Two years since what exactly?

    I read that heavily snide review of Valentine's Day and it matched exactly my expectations based off trailers and what a local newspaper reviewer I read thought.

    I sort of want a huge bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates but I think the perfect Valentine's Day for me would include living in Scotland and spending the whole entire day with my special someone, taking pictures, lying on the lush grass up at the pretty sky and then watching horrifically sappy movies while eating tubs of ice cream. :]

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  4. you said i should be an editorFebruary 14, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    just read your little thing entitled moi, it bugs me. every thing is 'im' until the end, either change traces to tracing or put an 'im' infront of that sentance.

  5. I dont know about an overhyped commercialization of roses and chocolate, but I've got a virtual hug?

    I was tempted to go to Valentines Day, but last time I went to a romance movie alone, I just heard people giving me weird looks...