Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where do you get off and how do I get there too?

[The Mission--Puscifer]
Well! I feel I should share something about myself that might surprise you.
I am a mean person.
What? Not shocked? Well, SOME of you might not be *coughLoloandNatcough*, but I know most of you are, esPECially my parents. I'll be mean to someone for no reason just because I don't like them. I'm apathetic to your problems unless they involve me. I never apologize for anything, even if I know I was wrong. And really, even though I let people tease me, if I could I would hit them so hard they're GRANDKIDS would hurt. 
And, to be honest, I kinda like being a mean person. I mean, I just like having the power to hurt someone. I guess that makes me a bad person, right? But I have a bit of a control complex. Maybe because no one takes me seriously. Maybe because I let so many things slide (and don't laugh, guys, I really do). Maybe I'm just that kind of person.
But, really, what bothers me the most is that I seriously don't care abut anything that doesn't involve me (or Basil, honestly). Do other people? I can't be the only selfish person on the planet.
And I hatehateHATE when I'm the bad person because I'm not the one crying. I HATE it when people act like victims because they either want sympathy or they can't handle anything calmly. I mean, I know everyone can't be like me (thank God for that!), but really, even though I ACT emotional, I'm really not.
[Percussion Gun--White Rabbit]
In gym, we have an awesome dance routine. It's an interpretive dance of going into the kitchen and making salad. Yay! And this is a completely different topic from the above. But nothing happened today. And I'm sad. So, so sad.


  1. you must have been really pissed to leave a post like that. seriously? we know your mean, but some people do like helping others and not being indifferent to every thing but them. you remind me of heathcliff. get over yourself, we knew you werent actually emotional.

  2. Interesting revelation on your part, I guess.

    RE: wish I could've read The Catcher in the Rye before he died, too. Little did I know he was as elderly as he was; 91, I think.

    Okay, okay, your hair is shorter.

    The sky is up for me as well.

    Cheer up. I doubt anyone likes feeling amateur.

    Double yay for The Killers! Brandon Flowers can chill with me anyday. :]

    Another RE: Gotcha about the songs.

    He's not that gorgeous in my opinion. So...more for you.

  3. Silver-

    I'm not pissed off.
    I left a post "like that" because I was upset.
    ...which apparently I'm never allowed to be, because I'm such a horrible person, right?

  4. I'd rather be a mean person than a complete push over though. And you're certainly not the only selfish person in the world! Everyone is selfish, even the most selfless person in the world, I'd say. The dance routine sounds pretty awesome though!