Friday, February 26, 2010

Talk? Talk is cheap. Give me a word you can keep.

[Halfway Gone--Lifehouse]
My new favorite song, by the way.
I smell like deodorant and sweat, which is strange because I've been a lump all day.
But I spent a good portion of the day online window shopping!!!!! at a grand total of three stores. I added a bunch of stuff to a wishlist and saved it to my favorites...but all came out to a grand total of $353.11. Haha. Anyone wanna give me 400 dollars in the summer?
The snow outside is very smooth and new-looking. It's gone from pathetic old man to young adult. Hurrah!
Someone comment. NOW. And Happy, pick up your phone.


  1. Snow day?

    Online window shopping is easily one of my hobbies nowadays. It's addicting.

    That's a lot of money. Money I do not just have lying around and if I did, sorry, as generous as I am, would not give it to you. Nothing personal. But there's always a chance you're some creep.

    haha. Have a nice day and weekend. :]

  2. Online window shopping is definitely infinitely better than regular window shopping in many ways. The bad thing about both though is when it ends up coming to $400 of items you wish you could buy :P If only!

  3. HAHAHAHAH young man. That is freaking amazing!

    Um, thats your new favorite song?! NO WAY! MINE TOO!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Dinge. How boring is that word? Dinge. Blah. Not too funny. :(