Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm pretty much running out of titles, because I'm never listening to music when I blog.
[Superstar--Lupe Fiasco]
I really need to reread How to Say Goodbye in Robot. Actually, I need to buy it, because I bought Shiver but didn't have the money for Robot at the time.
[Wake Up Call--Maroon 5]
GUESS WHAT! You know that girl that Basil was gonna ask out today? IT WAS ELAINA. This is awesome. One, because she doesn't like him, and she's rejected him a bunch of times, so she probably already has. Two, because in the rare event she does say yes, I actually like Elaina. She's, ya know, nice.
Okay! So. Math test today. Everyone was saying how hard it was, but really, it was insanely easy, and I finished it in, like, 15 minutes.
Oh, and by the way, forgive me for never commenting back anymore! I know this isn't the way to keep friends. It's just, honestly, no one ever says enough for me to respond adequately. Maybe it's because I keep giving crappy entries, but whatever. Please say more :(


  1. I run out of titles as well. As I write this I am asking a friend to think of one.

    I'm reading How to Say Good0bye in Robot and have liked it so far. I'm at the part where Jonah is planning and plotting but Bea has no idea what about.

    WHAT?! Oh, okay. That's cool, I guess. At least if she says yes, like you said, you won't hate her guts.

    I don't know what else to say.


  2. I never really know what to choose for titles. I guess I use random song lyrics too, but still haha... :P

    That's definitely better if the person he was going to ask out isn't someone you absolutely can't stand. Cause that would just suck D:

    I stillll need to read How To Say Goodbye in Robot! I remember you mentioning it forever ago, and I was so determined to read it, but the library didn't have it ):