Monday, February 1, 2010

I never wanna see you unhappy. I'd thought you'd want the same for me...

[Almost Lovers--A Fine Frenzy]
This is my new favorite song.
And there are so many lines in it I could use as a title, I can't even begin to pick one.

Well well! I've done nothing productive or even remotely interesting. And, apparently being slumped over and bored means I'm depressed, because EVERYONE thinks I'm depressed. My friends do, my parents do, and now the co-teachers (ya know, like aids from elementary school?) think so too. Today, in science, whilst bored out of my MIND, Mrs. Lint actually called me out of the room to see if I was okay, if I wanted to move, that I looked stressed, etc. I was like "ummmmm.............". And then, later, Mrs. Satan asked if I was okay. Um, what???? Nat said I send off an "angry" vibe, not a DEPRESSED vibe.
In gym: dancing (read: humiliation).
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored.
Ringo is annoying.
And I sat at the opposite end of the lunch table today so there was NO WAY Basil could accuse me of staring at him. I did not look over at his table ONCE during the entire half-hour. So THERE.
And Silver has a bad habit of shouting "RIKI-TIKI-SCHMIKI-WIKI!!!" every time Basil's within a five-foot radius. If you don't know, don't ask. Bah.
He must get some kind of great kick out of hating me.
And that is all.


  1. Have to admit that is a cool title. I have to check out that song :)

    Oh by the way, a lot of people say that about me too :P

  2. This is almost spooking me out. You keep discovering songs that I, no offense, discovered years ago. Well, more or less at your age.


    By the way, the "gorgeous" lead singer of Rooney was also What's-His-Face from The Princess Diaries movies. Y'know, the guy friend she ends up with in the end. That is until she has to go marry a prince or whatever in the sequel.

    Have a good night.

  3. I like that song too (: I guess all of the people asking if you're depressed are just concerned about you, but yeah, maybe over concerned...

  4. If you weren't staring at Basil, how would you know he didn't look your way?