Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love repeated numbers. And I'm almost halfway to 500! Hurrah! Maybe I won't completely forget this time and actually have a celebration.
So, in case you didn't notice, I changed my blog URL again. Something completely different this time, so it won't be as easy to guess. That's because Ani was going crazy again today, and this time threatened to report the blog to Mr. Creepanese, our principal. Because I called Basil a bitch. I assume she's also the one who posted this comment:
I am a therapist and it honestly seems like you need some help I feel you are extremely depressed and angry. please get help-talk to someone.
Obviously, she's not a therapist. I wouldn't have even noticed this comment if Nat hadn't told me Ani had left some whacked comment there...and this is the only one in the last month or so without a guess I could comment on this, but there's really no point. I assume that if anyone who I trusted to give accurate advice actually thought I needed a therapist, then I would actually need one. Ani is not that person.
And that brings me to my point: Ani doesn't know me at all, but she's still being a self-righteous hypocrite because she thinks I'm too mean. Frankly, I don't talk shit about her, and I think I have every right to expect she mind her own damn business and not talk shit about me. She's made no effort to be friendly, supportive, whatever in the last two years. She has nothing positive to say to me, ever. She never considers my side of an argument, or anything I say, for that matter. When I do something nice (example: she left her hoodie in my seat in science so I went to her class to give it to her) she attacks me (example: she bloody attacks me. because I brought her fucking hoodie back. what the hell.). She overreacts to everything I do and teases me constantly for no reason, when she actually bothers to talk to me. I mean, hell, I don't mind people teasing me. But there's a limit. She tries to trick me into believing ridiculous lies just for the sake of laughing at me later. And the blog thing. I'm tired of her scooping through everything I say just so she can find a reason to attack me. Hell, she barely needs a reason. Any excuse she can find will do. Any second-hand story is the gospel truth and after that, nothing I say matters. She reads my blog, gets upset about what I write when she has no reason to be concerned with any of it, then insists I'm a terrible person who's mean to everyone because I happened to say something not super-duper nice, or something she didn't agree with, or whatever. I'm sick of it. I mean, I've had issues with almost all of my friends at some point**, but this is ridiculous.
*sigh* I guess I haven't been getting much better about talking about people on my blog. To which I say: screw it. I'll write whatever the hell I want. As I said to Nat earlier today, if I didn't, I'd be way bitchier in real life.
And now I shall go. Damn, today was boring as hell.

**I've never had an issue with Lolo. You go, Lolo!


  1. look, just because you tripped at the mall doesn't mean I've had a problem with u :p

    I didn't know things were this serious with you and Ani.

    I guess she'll be buying the other shirt

  2. OH VIOLET I DON'T MEAN LIKE AN ACTUAL FIGHT! Like something you did really, really bothered me. Which I guess doesn't make it better. But that was before I knew you, and I know whatever it was isn't true now, AND I LUUUUURV YOU!

    She's pissing me off.

    And yeah, there goes our first costumer :( But hell, with a shirt that awesome, it's not like we'll be going broke! :D

  3. what did i do that pissed u off? Don't worry, I don't care what it was, cause I can't lose a mall buddy! I just wanna know so I don't do it again.

    One time I heard a rumor that my art wasn't done by me. Who ever started that is a total jerk face.

  4. I TOLD YOU, I WAS WRONG! So it doesn't matter now.

    Dude that's just plain STUPID.

  5. well now u got me all curious. If u now its not true, and i know its not true, what's the big secret 4?

  6. strawberry it was i who wrote the anonymous comment yesterday- lavender. the only thing i will ever apologize for in this entire fight is that comment. but why dont you stop picking on maggie she has done nothing to you and it is the last couple days of school so frankly i dont care if you blow up on me but we are all acting childish we need to cut it out. so we all need to evaluate ourselves and not act bicthy towards each other. thanks- lavender the person you hate:)