Friday, June 25, 2010


So, woo. The Sims is my best friend in summer, let me tell you. Tomorrow I'll probably get around to some video games...
In case you weren't sure, I am completely succeeding in being a lump.

Ooh, but I do have actually have a message for the people over at Mix Tape. I've pretty much written the thingy (it's about the iPhone 4...hee.) but I have to finish it off. You know, give it a strong ending, that sort of thing? I promise I'll put what I have on there before Sunday so you can go over it and tell me it's horrible, but...yeah. Just so you know. I haven't forgotten about you.


  1. Hi, Strawberry! Lizzie & Abs have agreed that we shall share all of our minibiographies along the margin of Mix Tape with the inclusion of self portraits! If you'd like to submit something, please email your photo to Abs at, either as an attachment or a link. It's preferable that the photo you choose is a vertical portrait rather than horizontal for consistency's sake.
    If you don't wish to submit a photo, that's perfectly fine, all I need is such a response. Thanks!

  2. I wish I had The Sims. I might go buy it.

    Good to know you haven't forgotten about us. :]