Saturday, June 26, 2010

Woot, sunburn.

Yup! I actually did something today. I know. It's unprecedented. But really. I went to Woodcrest to play tennis with Kim, and discovered to things:
  1. I am better than Kim at tennis; but,
  2. We are both really bad at tennis.
When Kim (not I! Kim!) got bored we went over to Annie's house, which was moderately close, I guess. There was Cookle-Wookle and Fluff Monster, my new best friends. Then we went over to another elementary school and tried to break in. Yup. We're criminals, we are. And we also decided to make a second installment of Crazy Psychotic Outcast Murderer Girl, or whatever it's called. Then we walked back to Annie's house. And trampolined. Which is my favorite. And then, somehow, Kim got bored, so we took a walk around the neighborhood in the boiling heat and passed RIGHT BY Leo's house without saying hello, and then we went back, and yeah. 'Twas fun. But then my mom made me spend an hour with her at her friend's house setting up a TV. I don't even mind the TV. It's her friend. She's both an imbecile and completely unmannered. I mean, really, I do not care if it's a skort, do not sit with your legs spread farther than...than...Izzy. Yeah. I went there. And she actually told me to "Fetch." Seriously. Fetch. As if I was some clearly-bored, morose, apathetic dog instead of some clearly-bored, morose, apathetic person. What the hell.
Oh, and I'm nervous, because my first thingy posty thingy will be on Mix Tape tomorrow ~.~ Assuming they don't decide they hate it and I suck and they kick me off the team. That would be bad. But, no, I don't love the posty thingy, frankly, but I didn't have time to make it better (or write a new one) because I completely forgot what day it was. Eek.
Fooshaw. By the way, yes, I do have sunburn.


  1. I wish I got out of the house today but I do not feel well.

    Aww, we would never kick you off the team...if that's what it is, a team. haha.

  2. "She's both an imbecile and completely unmannered." Hahaha :D But what the hell, she really told you to fetch? Okay then... But oh goodness, don't worry! I'm POSITIVE that your post will be just fine :)

  3. That is quite the coincidence, though you mean the movie version of West Side Story, right?

    Really? Are you out of your mind? How far are you in it?

  4. Yes, I did.

    I ask because it's a boring book and it may not be worth reading at this point in your life. But do whatever your heart desires.