Tuesday, August 23, 2011



The birthday party was FANTASTIC. In every way. It was like, constant laughter, everyone being happy, being with great friends, all that jazz. I really, really wish I had more pictures!
It started with anticipation. I, ever being a nervous sort when it comes to deciding on times for things, told people to come between four and five. Shari arrived first around 4:30, so we went off to collect Vera, and busied ourselves with the computer (like cool people). Kim arrived, and Dana arrived AFTER five, to my unmitigated rage (just kidding!). Unfortunately Maia, who apparently JUST got back from camp yesterday, was going to be late. But it was okay!

After everyone was there, we broke out the food, which is obviously the best part of any sleepover ever. We had rather copious amounts of fruit and vegetables for the allergy-monger and the vegan (i.e. Shari and Dana), and four pizzas for all us milk-and-gluten eaters. But we also got pizza that Shari and Dana could eat, so it was all cool :)

By that point, I was anxious to open presents (because I have lovely, lovely friends) even though we were all still eating and no one was paying any attention :) GET READY FOR A BLURRY PHOTO-MASH!
Shari first! Pictured: a 20-pack of markers with FIVE SCENTED MARKERS INCLUDED!, a delightful little picture frame, Black Amethyst Body Butter from Bath and Body Works (the name of which makes me giggle), a little notebook with a CHANDELIER on it, and one of Shari's adorable Wormer dolls! The Wormer is so adorable, in fact, that I feel compelled to devote an entire photo to it:
Ahhh, so cute!
Next up: Vera!

AH. Vera got me a fantabulous skirt, a lovely earring-and-necklace set, and my new favorite necklace EVER. Seriously, I wish I could wear all of this all at once.
Kim got me this lovely little owl figure from MEXICO. This picture is pretty blurry, but it's really quite pretty, and makes me exceptionally happy :)

Dana next! She got exceptionally pretty things, I must say! I lovelovelove those earrings, and THAT JOURNAL. HOLY BEANS, IT'S THE PRETTIEST JOURNAL I'VE EVER SEEN. LOOK AT IT. LOOK HOW NICE IT IS. LOOK AT THE INSIDE:
It's not even fair how pretty this is.

I feel bad spending such a huge space on my presents, but it's mostly pictures :) I honestly love all of them to death! My friends are great gift-givers! Ahh, I'm getting happy again just thinking about it!

Then we ventured to my room to play Apples to Apples! I am very bad at this game, have I ever mentioned? Anyway, while we were playing that, MAIA ARRIVED! At she brought BALLOONS. BALLOONS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!
When I saw these outside my door, I actually screamed.

But the shiny, shaped things aren't all she brought! NAY! She also brought a pack of blow-up balloons, which turned into us all sitting around blowing them up and drawing on them with my brand-new pack of Sharpies! For those who may be concerned: yes, there are unused balloons and balloon bits all over my room. And Shari drew all of us! Behold!

And me!

I figure no one can argue if I post drawings of us instead of actual pictures. That should be all for the blurry, awful pictures, don't worry!

When we were ballooned-out (which, surprisingly, can happen) we once more descended in order to feast on the delicious chocolate cake my mom prepared. I realize that "delicious chocolate cake" is a bit redundant, but nonetheless. When we had successfully drowned ourselves in chocolate, we had an [epic] Mariokart showdown. I did awfully :D But it's okay! Unfortunately, Shari had to leave early, which is blummy and blue and awful. A party without Shari is like a party without bunnies, which is, of course, a sad party indeed. We survived, though.

At just past 10:30, the rest of us abandoned Mariokart and took to my scant closet, which is full of pieces which have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Therefore the natural course of action was to have a crazy dress-up extravaganza, which my parents judged. Accessories included rainbow belts, deflated balloons, toilet paper, and shirts worn as hats--we looked insane enough to be fit for the pages of Seventeen! When finally we shed our mismatched arrangements, we partook in a rousing game of Two Truths and a Lie--during which everyone else managed to come up with things like, "I know how to swim," and I could only think of my deepest darkest secrets, haha.

After two rounds we decided to move to the old sleepover stand-by of Guitar Hero, even though everyone wanted to play guitar and not sing or play drums. Naturally we rocked out in a way only Guitar Hero can induce one to do--eyes mildly glazed, mumbled singing, curses when we messed up our 100-note streaks, and arguments over who got to play what. When at last this was exhausted, we moved on to board games--I originally suggested Trivial Pursuit, till we looked at the cards and realized we didn't know the answer to a SINGLE QUESTION. So as an alternative, Kim brought out Taboo!, which apparently I am very bad at! I don't know how long we played that, half-shrieking at each other, but I know we got through 30-something rounds before the game was retired. I manage to make almost every card sexual, of course :D

It was maybe two in the morning, or later. Some suggested watching a movie, but as everybody knows, the movie is effectively the end of the sleepover: everyone falls asleep. Therefore we journeyed to my room in order to find something to do, and that something ended up being some game Maia described to us, which I know forget the name of. We had to guess a word in the most convoluted and ridiculous way possible, which is the best way to do everything, of course. After that we started to retire: sleeping bags were brought out, or, in Kim's case, a blanket was put on the floor and a stuffed horse used as a pillow. Unwilling to admit defeat (read: go to sleep) I entertained Maia and Dana with some of the more ridiculous stories I devised in yesteryear. Then Maia told us a story about a hideous moth, and at 6 o'clock in the morning we couldn't will ourselves to keep our eyes open any longer. We could see the sky lightening when we passed out, so I'll just go ahead and claim it was an all-nighter, even though we eventually slept :D

We woke up at 11:11--well, I did, after remembering that the people in my room were not scary strangers, but were invited, and usually quite friendly. This was actually bad, because people had to leave at twelve, so that we could drive Kim to the marching band practice she had inconveniently timed at 12:30. To pass the time we played more Mariokart, and then stuffed our faces with the Munchkins my mom brought home for us.

Then was a dilemma, because Kim had to leave, but no one else had been picked up yet. So instead of abandoning my house guests, I abandoned Kim. Of course, three minutes later, everyone was picked up--at the exact same time. One minute, everyone was gone! It was eerie!

And so that concluded my birthday sleepover party. It was magical :D


  1. WELL! Your birthday party extravaganza sounds like so much fun! :) All of your gifts look so awesome. Especially the BEAUTIFUL journal!

    Hurrah for delicious chocolate cake, mmmmm. And balloons. And crazy dress up fashion show thingies. Hehehe. Oh my gosh, congratulations on staying up until 6 AM! The last sleepover I went to, like, last year, we couldn't even make it til 4. I'M GETTING OLD!

    But then again you are too. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAHLING.

  2. Sounds like a splendid birthday party! I suggest you get to writing in that journal soon though or else I might just have to cyber steal it :P