Thursday, August 4, 2011

IT IS AUGUST! This means: my birthday is this month (three weeks, to be exact) and I will be turning 15, and we are getting schedules soon! I like to think of my schedule as an early birthday present, since I've had my entire summer pivoted around getting them. I've heard that they were sent out on Monday, which means they could be here today!

Schedules, of course, are a clear reminder that we are past the halfway-mark of summer and that school will be returning in the future. For the most part, I suppose I don't mind. I know I'll have a greater workload (two sciences--what was I thinking?) but, you know, I'm not as worried as I probably should be.

I am mildly worried about something Kim was kind enough to remind me of yesterday: summer reading work! I wish I had known about this last month! Luckily, it's not that bad; for both The Once and Future King and whatever other book we choose, we have to:
  1. Find ten quotes in which a character shows power or lacks power.
  2. Explain how that passage shows the character showing/lacking power.
So, it's not the worst assignment ever. However, we still have to "analyze the relationships between characters in terms of who holds and utilizes power" and "think about how the theme develops through the course of the book," and when we get to school, we'll have an essay based off of this work. I'm trying to find the willpower to begin this today, but it's really not coming to me.

In other news, I have created the greatest thing ever on Paint:

It's a bit blurry here, but awesome, yes?

This is [slightly] unrelated, but my mouse is either not clicking at all or double-clicking, and just in general being awful. The worst part is my dad took it apart and cleaned it the other day and it's still not working.

Yesterday I saw yet another free movie with Shari! I don't know where she gets these free tickets, but they are cool. We saw 30 Minutes or Less, which was very funny, though it seemed that they didn't rate it before they let children watch it. By the time we got there--thirty minutes early, might I add--there were so many people there already that we had to sit in the very front row. That is not an enjoyable movie-watching experience. Still, the movie was funny, and it was cool hanging out with Shari :)

I'm going to go waste my time doing things that aren't summer reading work. I'm so irresponsible.



  2. I hope everything goes well with your schedule! I hate that summer is winding down (August 30th is my first day) but at the same time I really want it to come just so that it can be over sooner... haha.

    Good luck with your summer reading work. Luckily I didn't procrastinate it, for once. But I'm sure you'll get it done in time!

    That kinda hurts my eyes... but it looks cool, too :D

  3. 1) sorry bout the front row seats
    2) best freakin paint picture EVER

  4. The picture was AH-MAZE-ING, it probably took a while to make that. It feels as if summer is just being eaten away I'm going back pretty soon (well a month is pretty soon to me) and I am just hoping that I will be ready to take on another year.