Friday, September 2, 2011

I do not like titling.

Hello, friends!

I feel bad that I have little to no inclination to blog. To be honest, I have little to no inclination to do anything writing-wise lately. I just spent five minutes staring at an empty word document, and I just didn't want to write. I didn't want to work on my last story, either, which would make this about the second week I haven't so much as looked at it.

Also, my keyboard's being funky. I hate writing when my keyboard's being funky.

Today I hung out with Shari! We got lunch at Pei Wei (which was delish) and then basically wandered around for an hour. Always an adventure. It's nice to hang out with Shari, since we don't have any classes together and I'm never going to see her during the day. Unmitigated sorrow.

Also today, I finally bought a backpack. It's basically the exact same thing as last year's backpack, but black instead of purple. I am a girl of simple tastes, as we see. To be honest, I've noticed that my tastes have gone almost entirely towards: basic, solid-colored, easy-to-wear pieces. Not a heavy-duty hiking backpack with fifty pockets, but just a regular black Jansport--not some frilly, detailed shirt from the mall, but basically a sweatshirt. I would like to pass this off as some sort of style, but I know I'm just too lazy to deal with fuss :)

BUT SPEAKING OF CLOTHES! Yesterday I dragged my dad to Forever 21 (again) and actually bought things! Only two things, but I consider this an accomplishment. One is a striped shirt which is probably the only striped thing I will get (otherwise I would have a closet full of stripes), and the other was this delightfully warm tan/yellow sweatshirt-like shirt which I can't find the link Unfortunately, two new shirts just aren't going to cut it for me, especially since I don't have anything more suited for hot weather to wear on the first day of school(!). So, hopefully my mom will be up for going to the mall tomorrow! UNFORTUNATELY THOUGH, APPARENTLY THE JACKET I'M IN LOVE WITH IS OUT OF STOCK. RAGE.

Speaking of tomorrow, these are things I have to/am going to do: get a haircut, buy a pencil case, start summer reading work, and go to the mall. Eee, school starts on TUESDAY! In THREE DAYS! Ahhh!


  1. I know I have been a bit lagging when it came to blogging, but hey nothing like forever 21 :D

  2. (it still weirds me out that there's another Natalie blogger! I was the only one I knew for so long....)

    Anyways. Yeah, I'm definitely a simple style kind of person. Last year I always put so much effort into pretty outfits with skirts and dresses and whatnot, but all I'm really feeling this year are simple oversized tshirts and skinny jeans. And sweaters and scarves...

    So many stripes in Forever 21 right now it's kind of overwhelming!

    I hope you get everything you want done before school starts. And if you don't post before then, good luck! :)