Friday, September 23, 2011

Marvelous Miasma

Word of the Day: Miasma
1. noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter; poisonous effluvia or germs polluting the atmosphere.
2. a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere.

I've been making a mental list of my current favorite words. Miasma is one of them, though I don't see myself using it in a sentence any time soon. Others include: dissidence, construe, acerbic, substantiate, and sardonic.

I suppose one good thing about only blogging once a week (as I have been doing) is that I feel compelled to write a longer, better blog. Well! I'm also itching to update my layout, even though I'm perfectly happy with what I have now. I think it's the new Blogger interface. I feel like a fraud, since I'm only using that term because I saw it on the top of the page after I switched. Anyway, it's really quite sleek. And I suppose my blog layout is not sleek. But then, I'm not a sleek person. I don't like sleek things. I don't wear sleek clothing. So why should I want a sleek blog?

Well! This week was long, boring, and uneventful--for the most part--and therefore this post will be as well. There was one event, though. I think I attract awkwardness to myself, as honey does to flies, or else it just clings to me whatever I do. I'll explain. As we all know, I'm not a fan of my English teacher. I like her more than I did that first day, but I still don't enjoy her class or appreciate her teaching style. A lot of the people in my class pretend they do, which is funny. Anyway. Here I am, minding my own business on Facebook. I have casually noticed that Up has written on someone's wall--let's call him N., because I can't remember his actual name--about how he's the only one Rocchino likes. Well, that's true.

There's a guy in her first period class. Let's call him S. I don't talk to S. much. We haven't spoken this year, and last year, the only communication with him that I remember was a very awkward project in world civ., and during my human rights presentation when he asked why terrorists shouldn't be tortured. But, through the magic of Facebook, he and others are aware of my dislike of Rocchino. And, on this random wallpost, of which I am no part, involving people whom I never speak to, he tags me in a comment, thereby ensuring my involvement in the conversation. Up and N. join in on the fun, as well.

Oh, social interaction. How little it takes to remind me why I don't like you.

That conversation is awkward, but that's not the worst part. Oh no, it gets worse. After S. psycho-analyzes my dislike of Rocchino (no kidding), I decide enough is enough. I message him, essentially asking what the hell is wrong with him, and conversation ensues. He insists that they're just teasing me, and his insistance involves lots of hearts (might I add). Meanwhile, Kim, who has access to my account and has been watching the conversation, insists that I have the communication skill of a flying turd (in more words) and humbly asks if she may speak with him in my place.

Well, I had to do the dishes, and in my naivety I agreed. Sorrow is born from innocence, I suppose. I came back fifteen minutes later and there was major damn flirting going on. Why was I surprised? Why did I believe for a minute that this wouldn't happen? Who knows? Perhaps the fates are aligned against me. Here is a quote from that horrid conversation:
S: ... Strawberry I love you so much, its amazing, ♥ I can't hold it in!!
Kim: Hmmmmmmm, not feeling it. you get one more try.
Oh, Kim.

Coming back to this, I was faced with two options: let Kim continue with this charade, or come clean and make everything uncomfortable for everyone involved. Naturally, being the honest person that I am, I went with the second option. Discomfort ensued. For everyone involved. Kim then refused to stop talking to him, too, so we were both conversing with him at the same time, on the same account. She wanted him to guess who she was, even though they've never spoken. Oh, Kim.

The next day, nothing was said, because it was awkward. It was just so awkward. Admittedly it was worse for Kim. I wonder if there's a difference between someone blatantly ignoring you or simply being indifferent, or if that sense is just made up in one's own head.

WELL NOW. That, brought to you in about seven beautiful paragraphs, was the one singularly interesting event that happened to me this week.

On Monday, we finally received test grades for a reading check we took in English the week before. Most people did not do well, I have to say. A number of people failed; most people got between a 60 and an 80, and a decent amount of people got between an 80 and a 90. I looked on Progress Book and was shocked to discover that I got a 96. I got one point off the entire test (which, admittedly, only happened because Rocchino was kind enough to take off the questions which came from Book II as opposed to Book I, nearly all of which I got wrong).

We took another reading check today, and it was much easier, which is good, because I was only able to read half of Book II in preparation.

What bothers me right now is that I have three 80s, and they're all due to one assignment (in each of the three classes). But the rest of my grades are As; 96 in English, 92 in math, and 90 in health. I'm quite happy with these.

I also want to mention my latest story. It's not so much of a story; more of a massive inside joke between me and Maia. The main antoganist of the story is the devil, Maiastophles. The protagonists are Andromeda Kara Kristina Melody Enna Emma Aeva B. Wrotten, known as Bea, and her best friend Crea, who is far more interesting than she is. Here's the first paragraph:
If there is ever to be such a planet called Skybound—and I think there ought to be, after the usual names like Ceres and Hestia are used up—I think I should like to live on it. I think it should be a very lovely place, where people use metaphors in great abundance.
I think I'm going to leave it untitled, which of course means that its name will come to be untitled. Oh, and Bea has an evil twin sister named Nejoy, but they call her Joy. There's also a character named Lo, who doesn't wear hats, and whose hair is actually quite long. There was another character I meant to include, but now I forget his name. Oh well!

I think I'll conclude now (six hours after I started this post), and possibly consider what to do with my blog layout. Goodbye for now, friends! I hope everyone has had a marvelous week.