Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sleep Deprivation, the Second.

I am super-duper-duper sorry for leaving you guys with half a crappy entry and then abandoning you for the rest of the week! For the past few days I've been either butt-tired, busy, or both. I had a really bad first day, probably due in part to my lack of sleep, but the week has improved and I've been leaving you hanging. NO MORE!

To make things easier I'll make a handy little list, as opposed to, you know, paragraphs. And I'll color-code it. Organization!

1st Period: Latin
There's only one Latin teacher in the building, but she's nice, so I'm okay with that. Latin is basically a repeat of last year so far, with fewer people.

2nd: Health
Health this year is in the lecture hall, which basically means it's big and the teachers don't pay attention to anyone past the third row. I'm not sitting near anyone I know, but rather, a "popular" girl I've never spoken to and a really, really ugly guy. I don't mean to be mean or anything, but he's really ugly. Definitely no eye-candy in this class.

3rd: Biology
The teacher, Mrs. Mackley, is very nice, but I'm not really friends with anyone in this class and there are a lot of, shudder, juniors. So far we've discussed the principles of life, and nematodes.

4th: English
Holy sauce, I dislike my English teacher. She looks and acts like my eighth grade teacher but has the personality of my seventh. So far she hasn't taught us anything, but she expects us to take notes on everything she says. I don't even know what she's saying half the time! In that classroom she doesn't allow: slouching, yawning, disagreement, folded arms, looking at the clock, doodling, a pencil to not be in your hand at all moments of the hour, poor body language, not having quotes, or explaining yourself. Also, she decided that she hates Shari, and who hates Shari? I basically spend the entire class not attracting notice to myself so she can't decide that she hates me too.

5th: Math
Math is so boring that I almost always forget that I have it. The teacher is alright, if not a bit stale, and the class is taught in a format I like: learn whatever it is we're going to learn for the day, and then do practice problems. I could do math problems all day long, seriously!

6th: U.S. History
This is probably going to be my favorite class this year, for one reason: my friends are in it! Shari joined us yesterday, which is fantastical, because now I actually have a class with her! Also, now there are an even number of us in the class, so I won't be left alone when Lolo and Kim partner up (since they sit right next to each other). Hurrah!

7th: Financial Literacy
This class infuriated me for the first few days because the teacher is annoying and we weren't doing anything substantial. However, yesterday, we actually went over a legitimate curriculum, so I'm hopeful that this won't be a waste of a period yet!

8th: Chemistry
Finally we come to the last class of the day. I heard from Shari that my teacher would be really hard, but so far he's been nice, although according to him, the tests are difficult. There are twelve people in this class, seriously!

Well, that's all for my classes. Sorry this took so long! I'll try to blog more often next week, but no doubt the teachers will forget that we're only a week into school and I'll have eight different essays due by the end of the week. Sigh. I can't believe I've only been in school for a few days--it feels like it's been so much longer!

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  1. No worries. Life is currently crazy sauce.

    That sucks about your English teacher. I hate having bad English teachers, it ruins everything.

    I like the learn + practice format of math class too. Which is why AP Calc is actually my favorite class so far, funnily enough.

    It feels like we've been in school for forever.....