Monday, September 5, 2011


Can we say terrible, gut-wrenching fear EXCITEMENT? Oho, yes! As far as last days of freedom summer go, this was not a bad one, indeed! I went to the mall on a last-ditch effort to get something to wear tomorrow, and brought Vera along with me, as is only natural. And, lo and behold, I actually bought things! A delightful teal shirt which I am most definitely wearing tomorrow, and a bright blue button-down shirt which I am most definitely wearing on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I can't find the link for either on the website, but here is a rough sketch of what I'm going to wear tomorrow:

Shield your eyes lest the beauty becomes too much for you. I didn't include shoes because I don't know what shoes I'm wearing tomorrow.

After we returned from the mall, Vera and I hung around my house, discussing what we would wear tomorrow (aren't we such girls?). Also, I painted her nails hot pink! And repainted my toes, because I may or may not be wearing flip-flops tomorrow. It really depends on if my parents find any, at Walgreen's, of all places. Don't laugh! One time both of my flip flops broke in a single night, and I, desperate to have something to wear, asked my dad to pick something up. The only place that was open at that time of night was Walgreen's, and I actually really liked the shoes he got. Unfortunately, being from Walgreen's, they broke not long into the summer, leaving me with: sneakers, fancy shoes, more fancy shoes, pink Converse knock-offs, and the ratty flip flops I've been wearing all summer. Right now, my parents are off to find an equivalent. I figure by the time they break, I'll be wearing sneakers all the time, right?

I should mention that I also got a floral belt, and earrings shaped like moustaches. All in all, a good way to spend the last day of summer.

I should also mention that last Friday, I had lunch with Shari, and then we wandered about. This is, of course, an excellent way to spend a day.

It just occurred to me that school starts tomorrow, and I have devoted my entry to my preparations for the day, as opposed to the day itself. Well! From about five o'clock on, I began to feel somewhat feathery deep within my bowels. Perhaps not as feathery as last year, when I was nearly about to take flight, but quite feathery indeed! It is still pressing on the back of my mind that I don't know anybody in five of my classes. What if the teachers don't assign seats? What if I'm forced to make human interaction? The horrors are too numerous to contemplate. I have no doubt that my face will be in a perpetual state of redness the entire day.

I'm supposed to be showering right now (imagine that! Showering at night instead of the middle of the day!), but my parents are still out buying shoes, and I get antsy about showering when I'm home alone. Also, I'm writing this. You know, I almost forgot to set my alarm! Luckily Vera reminded me, else tomorrow would've been....unfortunate. Ahh, I'm starting school tomorrow! I'm being sophomoric! AHHHHHHH.

Tomorrow you'll have a very detailed, exciting, and mildly breathless account of my first day at school! WON'T THAT BE EXCITING?

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