Saturday, August 14, 2010


I HAVE BEEN ABSENT! Forgive me. I spent most of yesterday driving to Ohio, and we got a pretty late start. I did, however, see my soul mate at a rest stop. Good God, he was cute. He had these beautiful black eyes that SPARKLED. Guys: do you mind having your eyes described as beautiful? Would you prefer, like, handsome or something? Although 'handsome eyes' is just a little weird, you know, but I can see 'beautiful' being a little too girly. Haha only one guy I know of actually reads my bog, so, I guess, I dunno.
ANYWAY! We arrived in Butler to visit various aunts, uncles, and cousins, and ended up staying till like 10. Then we set off for East Liverpool, where my gramma, uncle Randy, and cousin Jason live. Most of the road to East Liverpool from Butler was COMPLETELY SECLUDED AND DARK AND WOODSY. It was SCARY. But I finally FINALLY located the Big Dipper, which I've never ever seen before, and what I thought was the North Star. Excitement. We didn't see the meteor shower, but there were lots and lots of stars, so woo. Haha, Jersey is too bright.
I am now to make a list of people we've visited, just cuz.

  1. Uncle Roger.

  2. Aunt Cheryl.

  3. Cousin Nathan.

  4. Second-Cousin Madison.

  5. Second-Cousin Anarae.

  6. Second-Cousin Faith.

  7. Cousin Stacy.

  8. Cousin Casey.

  9. Second-Cousin Payden.

  10. Second-Cousin Nevaeh.

  11. Aunt Rhonda.

  12. Uncle Randy.

  13. Gramma Grace.

  14. Cousin Jason.
I have a freakload of relatives, yes. Cousin Arenda went back to Florida a few days ago, which sucks, because we tend to get along pretty well. But so far I've just been here, and not, you know, doing much. There's not much here. But still. You know.

OH MY GOOSHNESS, AND WE FINALLY GOT OUR SCHEDULES THE DAY I LEFT! Fluuuuug! SOOOOOOO, I pretty much know the order (which is....bad.) but I don't know the TEACHERS, which is failure. My mom can't send me a better picture (cuz in the first pic she sent me I couldn't really see the pictures) until she gets home, so I can't post it to Facebook, and I can't post it to here, and I only know that I may or may not have three classes with only Kim, which SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSS. Aghhhh I'm gonna finish this when I got the teachers. Oh, and I only have ONE THING with Dana, and that is lunch, and I have no idea about anyone else. Fuhhhh.
Well, while I'm waiting...cuz it's gonna be like an dad just offered me TWENTY BUCKS if I would guess the card he had in the other room, and I was RIGHT! WOOO! Haha I'm psychic now :D
Okay, you know what? I'm just gonna wait until I get home to look at the schedule. Fuf.


  1. You've never seen the Big Dipper before? O: That's like the only constellation that I can actually identify, hahaha. But your trip sounds good so far, getting to visit all of your many relatives and such! I hope you get your schedule worked out and everything with minimal frustration, too, haha.

  2. He was sparkling! Im totally calling pussy-ass vampire!

    I've once been told I have a black man dancing in my eyes...

  3. youve never seen the big dipper before??? i saw it every single night at camp, where there is no light pollution and a cloudy night is better than a clear sky here. hey, i stopped making weird spelling mistakes and thinking my keyboard is too big. two months' seclusion, undone in 5 minutes. crap. but anyways, your family stuff sounded fun, hope it was.