Monday, August 23, 2010

I got a hoodie!

Woooo. I guess most of you don't know this, since you don't actually see me in real life, even though I've been repeating it for the last month or so. I pretty acquire a hoodie at the beginning of the year and wear that ALWAYS. In sixth grade, it was gray with Peanuts comics on the front. In seventh, it was a bright red one with Snoopie lying on a musicy-thing. Don't know why I ever bought that one. In eight, it was a gray-and-black striped one and a too-big pink one with NAVY on the front; a gift from my uncle. Now it's white-and-gray striped. Woooo. I like it. It fits well, at least. It's just not terribly bright.
I also bought a shirt with a Mountain Dew logo on it, but not to be ironic. Just because I love Mountain Dew. You know. Not for some ironic statement about capitolism or something that only hipsters would get, because only hipsters are "in the loop". God, I hate hipsters. So much. So I'm a little ashamed, but I will hold my high because I actually LIKE Mountain Dew.
So, it was cold tonight. A bit stormy at the beach towards the end, but just plain cold tonight. I REALLY hope it continues into school time, so I can just bypass short-things altogether and skip straight to wearing jeans. I love jeans. I do not like anything shorter. I just don't have the legs for it. Haha, plus I have cuts on my legs that look like I cut myself, even though they are ALL from dogs. Haha. It's probably best you don't ask.
[Total Eclipse of the Heart--Bonnie Tyler]
I actually kinda of love this song. There's just something about it, you know? And it's not my usual kind of song, but...if this makes any sense, I kinda wish I could write like how this song feels. You know? Yeah. That made no sense to anyone but me.

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