Sunday, August 8, 2010

Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?

I'm pretty sure I've used that line as a title before, but whatever. It's a nice title-line. You know.
Well! I have been neglectful, yes. Really no excuse except I've been lazy, especially since it's not like I haven't done anything. I had a sleepover! And got school supplies! And stuff.
So like two or three days ago...hmm...I don't actually know what day. On Thursday night, I know. So I guess three. Anyway. Sleepover! Sharebear, Kimber, and Annie came over, after I spent pretty much the whole day cleaning (my house is a sty. no kidding.) Unfortunately Sharicus had to leave at 11, but still! It was fun! There was make-overing, video-gaming, food-eating, truth-or-daring, and general merriment had by all. And we had TAQUITOS for dinner! Oh man, I love taquitos. Kimby and Annie ended up staying at my house till like two in the afternoon, and then we all went to the mall. Didn't buy anything...kinda feeling out of it. Meh.
And then bad stuff happened, but anyway =.=
Today I got BACK-TO-SCHOOL STUFF! As in a pencil case (finally!), pens, Sharpies (:D), and several binders. So now all I need is like...a backpack and dividers. Woooooo.
Okay, problem solved. Haha.
I'm THUPER-EXTHITED for back-to-schooooooooool! And I have a crapload of money to spend now, haha. It's gonna be awesome. I mean, scary, but awesome. Dude I am going to be BRIGHT RED and shaking the entire first day, I know it =.= And second day too, probably.
I'm off to online-shop. Ta-ta!


  1. First off, I friggen LOVE Jack's Mannequin. You get points.

    I get more time than you before I have to go back to school. But then again I'm still technically IN school...

  2. you're excited for back to school time? why???

    Romani. hahah, lovely!

  3. Andrew McMahon. <3

    Yay for sleepovers! It sounds like quite a gathering of merriment indeed, hehe.

    I'm actually surprisingly looking forwardish to school too! There's apparently this awesometastical Sharpie thing that writes like a pen, erases like a pencil, and becomes permanent like a Sharpie after three days. If it actually works, that's super cool.