Sunday, August 29, 2010


And the countdown continues. Woo! So close to 500, yeah? Yeah.
So I made up another story. This one really has no point. It's some just some chick's life, basically. And I guess it's a little boring, since she's narrating it and she's not a very dramatic person. I dunno. But I like it. Plus I've written like 12 pages of it so far, which is like a record for me. Haha. To illustrate exactly how little of a point it has, I will now tell you what happens in it:

The main character is a girl named Aeva, who has lived as part of a tribe of herders her entire life. She's never set foot in real civilization and has gotten most of her education from her father, who is far better travelled. When she's eighteen, her brother Mikaslen falls seriously ill, and when tribal medicines don't work her father believes his restless spirit is retaliating by making his body weak. Basically he thinks all Mika needs is a change of scenery, which is some doubtable logic, but nonetheless packs up him and Aeva and sends them to the nearest city to live with their aunt and uncle.
The story starts when Aeva arrives in the city with her brother and meets her new guardians, who are quite simple, happy, and annoying. She's both disgusted and amazed by the city, and distracts herself from her quite bothersome relatives by taking care of her brother. Then, the day after she arrives, an old acquaintance of her aunt's, Professor Glaenston, arrives in the city with his nephew, Ran. Yes, his name is Ran. Stfu. Aeva and Ran instantly connect, and it takes about three weeks for them to fall all in love and stuff. The deal with Ran is he's a bit of a troublemaker. Not like a bad-boy, but reckless. You know? Here's how Aeva describes him, when she first meets him:
His nephew was very much similar to him in stature and good-naturedness. He was not the most intellectual man, but seemed to have a well-rounded mind at least. He seemed quite energetic and excitable, quickly rising to debate with his friendly uncle in a manner I thought too heated for casual conversation. I imagined him reckless, the sort of man I later learned to call a Teaser—a teaser of the police. I understood him to be with his uncle because of trouble back in his home, trouble that he had caused. I suppose at the time, while the practical side of my admonished him, the more uncontrolled part found him enticing.
So, that's Ran. Woo. So they're all in love, and Mika is alternating between near-death and running laps around the city, and for the most part she can ignore that she hates where she is. Then Ran antagonizes a cop one too many times, and a warrant is put out for his arrest. Oh, Ran...and then he has to go and ask Aeva to run away with him, as he's planning on escaping to the north before he's arrested. She loves him, but she refuses--abandoned all responsibility and running away with a criminal really isn't her thing. He leaves, and Mika gets well again, but she doesn't really want to go home again. She's starting to feel like Mika did; restless. She's been in a city she hates for two months and now there's nothing to distract her from it. Pretty soon she just up and leaves, intending to travel north but with no real idea of where she's going. She just wants to get out. So she travels through the south of the country, meeting people and stuff, and the first city she stops in in the North just happens to hold Ran's older sister, Sama. No one in Ran's family really approves of his antics, especially now that he has a warrant, but Sama sympathizes with Aeva and offers her a place to stay. This is really only important to tell because Sama is related to Ran is in love with Aeva, because it's not like she hasn't been offered a place to stay by a kind stranger before but I'm not really planning on going into detail too much. Woo run-on sentence. So that happens but Aeva begins to feel restless again pretty quickly, and takes her leave of Sama. She travels through the north, being restless and stuff, and eventually reaches the capitol-city. By chance she meets a very rich lady who is Madame-something, and who figures out that they are distantly related. This, of course, sends Madame into a head-spin, because she's just that chirpy and excitable. Madame insists on Aeva staying with her and her three children, to integrate into their high society and marry some rich guy or something. Aeva is kind of forced into coercion, because Madame is so eager and stuff. Basically about two weeks later, Aeva is highly uncomfortable and is being forced to attend a ball, when she meets Ran of all people. Not at the ball, but in the bushes behind the house it's being held at, looking dirty and desperate and snarfing some stolen food. Aeva is too sensible to think she owes him, but still cares for him, despite not having seen him in almost two years. Notice I say 'cares', not 'loves'. Either way, when he begs her to run away with him again, she instead convinces him to go back to Madame's house. Madame takes pity on him and let's him stay the night, with the intention of deciding what to do with him in the morning. She never gets that chance, because in the morning he's gone and so are several valuables. Though she didn't realize it at the time, this is when Aeva loses faith in humanity and begins to roam the Earth. I mean that quite literally. She leaves Madame and begins to travel the world, if you consider wandering travelling. Basically wherever she goes she feels trapped and out-of-place, and that would be true if she wandered the entire universe.
It takes fifteen years of her travelling to retrace her steps. She visits her brother, who never left the city. When she returns to the herd lands, her father is quite ill and her mother is devastated. She stays till her father dies, then to take care of her mother, then till her mother dies, then to handle the leftover affairs of both of her parents. She ends up staying for twenty years, nearly the rest of her life. She never sees Ran again. She never falls in love again or starts a family. And she's never really found a place. She travelled all over the world and ended up no better off than if she had stayed home since the beginning. She never really did anything with her life. I can't really describe exactly how much this depresses her, but it does more than depress her. The day she realizes this she walks alone past the herd lands and into an unknown, and no one will ever see her again.

And that is my story. Hehhhhh. Trust me, in two years it will be hailed as a work of literary genius ;D


  1. Wow, is it just me or does the ending seem kind of depressing? Haha but no, there's no reason an ending has to be all puppies and rainbows and unicorns of course. I like it! :D And they all have such cool names, too. Aeva especially. It just looks cool. But yes, 12 pages so far is definitely not too shabby :D

  2. You know, I'm sure by this point I've said this numerous times, but hot damn you are one hell of a writer. Tell you what, when this gets published I'll trade you that box of sand and a hug for a signed copy.

    damn...I just didn't think about it ending depressingly, but I think with a little tweaking it could be magic...