Wednesday, August 18, 2010


And so is Silver! Woo!
I really have nothing else to share except my schedule, which I know [FINALLY!] have access to:

Homeroom: Locke, G031
P1. Geometry, Vallies, C219
P2. Latin, Smaldore, C302
P3, S1. Health, Melograna, G031
P3, S2. Lunch
P4, S1. Lunch
P4, S2. Phys. Ed
P5. English, Maniscalco, B238
P6. World Civ., McKee, B133
P7D2. Quan. Phys. Science, Rouen, C314
P7N2. Foundations of Art, Calnon-Boute, F091
P8D2. Quan. Phys. Science, Rouen, C314
P8N2. Quan. Phys. Science, Rouen, B233

Woooo....I guess I'll make up nicknames later, haha. The cat is now afraid of me.


  1. Why is it that schools each have different scheduling process? I don't understand a mite of this...

    But heyyyyy Latin!

  2. ^Yeah, me either really. It's all quite confuzzling.

    GEOMETRY! I took that in eighth grade but don't remember one thing about it whatsoever cause our awesome teacher was retiring at the end of the year and just didn't care at all. You could hold up a piece of blank notebook paper and he'd be like okay homework, check! It was rad. Anyways.