Sunday, August 1, 2010


So the Pedfards, the really nice family that lives across from that includes Vera (=.=), just paid me $110 and a hunk of glass to watch their hamsters for a few weeks. I cannot tell you how terrible I feel about this. I mean, hell, all I did was spend five minutes a day at their house doing the easiest job EVER, and they want to give me all this money. I feel like I'm taking advantage of them or something.
Oh, and I was forced to awkwardly 'acknowledge' that Vera was, indeed, my friend, because of her eight-year-old sister. Fuhhhh.
That is all. Goodbye.


  1. A hunk of glass?

    That's quite fortunate, but I would probably feel the same way, like I was using them. Sometimes I feel that way when I babysit and the most I do is sit and watch TV, play ouside and then tell the kids to go to bed. Dealing with their huge, crazed dog as of late has been a challenge, though.

  2. Oh, and I'm filming/posting a vlog about my back to school shopping on Tuesday because that's the day I go register.

  3. When I babysat my neighbor's kids one afternoon a long time ago (that was like the only time I ever babysat ever)I remember she gave me waay too much money, too. More than I deserved.. :P But I wouldn't feel too bad about it!

  4. I'm going to make you explain it a second time: a hunk of glass?

    And look on the bright side, a hamster could die or something, and then you'd feel even worse, so be happy with the guilt you've already got.