Thursday, August 19, 2010

It doesn't matter.

[I Kissed a Girl--Katy Perry]
Haha old music.

SO I am SO annoyed. I am officially tired of my current layout. It depresses me. The problem is, because Blogger changed their design-thingy, I can't get my old one. You know, the purple-and-white one? I LIKED the purple-and-white one. I called it Purpy. They don't have that format on Pyzam, either. So basically if anyone out there reading has a layout with a larger space for entries on the right side and a column on the left side for, you know, other stuff, could I have your HTML? I promise I'm not going to steal your design, just that part! PROMISE!
[Waking Up in Vegas--Katy Perry]
Katy Perry, in my opinion, rocks. I don't really like Teenage Dream, but her earlier songs were freakin' awesome. It's funny, because this song was so popular when it came out, but now it's one of the more forgotten ones. Along with Ur So Gay, which I love.
In other news, I had a strange inclination to go to the mall tonight. I guess since school is starting in two-and-a-half weeks (eek...0.0) I want to get through all my shopping beforehand. I still have like, almost $200...haha. I need bottoms desperately, cuz I highly doubt it'll be cool enough to wear jeans comfortably when school starts, but I ended up getting two basic shirts (orange and teal, haha) at Old Navy. Now I'm DEFINITELY going to focus on shorts and hoodies.
[I Kissed a Girl--Katy Perry]
Hoodies cuz, well, they're awesome. Oh, and I am MAD at J.C.Penney's. A little while ago they had hoodies on sale for $20, okay? So I go there and I see a sign that says Buy One, Get One for $1.00 OMG!!11!1 *squeeeeeeeeeeeedies* So I'm like, woo! HOW AWESOME. And then I look at the price and they RAISED IT TO 40 FREAKING DOLLARS. FOR CLOTHING THAT GETS HOLES IN THE ELBOWS AFTER THREE MONTHS. And I'm like, aw HAILLLLLLL no. That's a cheap move, J.C.Penney's. Just like buying cheap towels and putting them on sale like they're your regular towels. NOBODY WANTS LOW-QUALITY TOWELS.
Ooooh, and my birthday's in FIVE DAYS WOO. Mark the calendars, friends. On August 25th, I EXPECT you to say Happy Birthday like it's the best damn day EVER. It is the reason you were BORN. Haha, still not sure what I want to do. Might just go shopping then go to dinner--with Sharebear, Kimmers, and Silver of course. Well, maybe not dinner, cuz that would be a bit expensive, haha :) But something else. Something FUN. SUGGESTIONS*SQUEE!* :D


  1. Well, for your blogger layout, you know how there's that new template designer thingy where you can go and customize it and make it all prettyful and stuff? At least that's what I do...

    What the heck, JC Penney's. Somehow buy one for $40 get one for $1 does not sound like a good deal whatsoever! That's why I don't really shop at those places, haha.

    Your birthday is my second day of school! That's coming up quickly, eeep! O:

  2. i know how to go back to Purpy! Ready? Ok. Go to 'Edit HTML' in the 'Layout' tab. I think its layout. Anyways, go to Edit HTML and click 'Use old template' or something like that and you can get back to Purpy!! yay! (:

    And yeah, Teenage Dream isn't my most favorite of Katy Perry's, but I do agree. She ROCKS!

    pratio. sounds like something a greasy douche-y man would say to a woman. right? right? :P