Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orientation--sounds almost enjoyable, doesn't it?

Wow. I hate people. I went to orientation kind of nervous and excited, left miserable. For one thing, Lolo pretty much blew me off. We haven't talked all summer and now it's like there's some kind of invisible wall only she can see. To which I say: fuck it. I only have one class with you anyway. Nat was pretty much the same way, although I didn't really try too hard to talk to her. Of all people Ani was the friendliest, right after I had crossed her off my list for being obscenely rude all of last year. And of course there was Kim, who is always enjoyable. Haha, Kim. Not really :P So that was pretty much that. After the presentation in the theater, which is dead dull, we're supposed to go to these classrooms. Lolo was supposed to be in mine, but she went with the Nat/Ani/Kim crowd, so I did too. Some seniors were there to, I guess, force us to talk. They were nice enough, I guess. Then we took a "tour" of the school, then were shuffled into the cafeteria for "mingling." Which means sitting with our friends. Whatever. Yes, I saw Basil. When Kim first told me that she saw him, I kinda freaked out...heh. What can I say, I'm a spazz. But it really didn't matter to me. He's just a guy.
But it does depress me that nothing ever really changes, even when changing schools. They're the same. I'm the same. We all might as well be back in elementary, for all the difference it will make.

Haha. So. Birthday! Woo! I guess I should have a different post dedicated to this, but...I won't. My original plans fell through...several times. But Kim did come over and I painted the nails on one hand and wore a dress and we played truth-or-dare and ate birthday cake and then all went out to eat at Don Pablo's, which is amazing. Haha. So that was fun! Oooh, and she gave me a present; a silver bookmark shaped like the moon and this gorgeous journal. I looooove it! And Vera got me a Wii game, and my Uncle Bud got me a tee-shirt...haha. Sharicus has CLAIMED she got me a gift (not that I ever asked for anything. haha. just didn't want you to think I was greedy or something! :D) but, unfortunately, she was sick so we never got to meet. Oh well, you know? We'll definitely manage to fit one more hang-out-thingy in before school starts, in about two weeks. Aw geez. Oooooh, and fifteen people posted a 'Happy Birthday' on my Facebook, including two people I don't actually know and five people I never talk to! :D
My cake was very pink, and the candles had sparks :D

Oh, and now my mom wants to pick five clubs to join. I will be joining one. Model UN. I assume she wants this to happen because of the upcoming fee if you want to do any extracurricular activities, which is pretty much evil, but I don't care. There's nothing I want to join except for that, and that's not even listed as a club, ironically. Is that irony? I believe it is. Whatever. She can make me circle every damn club on the list; it's not going to make me join any of them. I do not have school spirit. I am not athletic. I do not feel the need to participate. I do not like people. I will not 'try something out'. I've looked through the list. There's nothing I'm interested in joining. That's it. Ugh, now I'm miserable again.


  1. I HAVE your gift! And if i wasn't sick, I would've come...I even missed orientation :(

  2. We have a girl at our School named Kim Ims, and everyone calls her KimKims...

    I mailed you a present, but returned to sender...apparently you're supposed to put an address on the package? Who knew...

    Of course I don't think a box full of sand is a very good birthday present...the postman just glared at me because it was so heavy...