Thursday, August 12, 2010

I don't love you, and I never will.

I haven't listened to music while blogging in so long I forgot if I put the artist or the song title first =.=
So you know who I miss? Molly. And Kathryn. And Marisa. The people from Red, you know, who don't actually blog anymore. They all moved to Blogger along with the rest of us Red-ers, but then stopped blogging Well, first Marisa moved to Xanga, but THEN she stopped blogging. And Molly might be at LiveJournal, cuz she mentioned liking it once, but I don't actually know...and it depresses me that some of my favorite bloggers EVER aren't here anymore. OHHH, and Aria, who lasted a bit longer and then ALSO disappeared. Molly's, Marisa's, and Aria's blogs are still there (though they've been abandoned for like a year) but Kathryn I think deleted her account. Fuck, that depresses me. I mean it's not like you can force someone to keep blogging once they've lost it, but SERIOUSLY. Depressment.
In other news, I'm leaving for Ohio tomorrow. Wooooo. Can you tell how ECKTHITED I am??
'Eckthited' won't make any sense unless you sound it out. Go on, sound it own. You'll get it.
And....I'm kinda miserable. Every summer I'm all excited like I'll be magically transformed into some super-model or something. Or at least get a tan. Obviously THAT doesn't happen. But I know it's because I don't actually have the drive to, you know, go outside and do stuff. I'm kind of a lump. But anyway. I think I'm gonna get a haircut or something.
Now I'm off to do more useless stuff. Oh, but there's only 13 days till my birthday! Cool! :D


  1. eckthited! heh. my parents looked at me weird when i said that. yay ohio! what kind of a haircut would you get if you were to get one? anything majorly drastic, or just a trim? i've had bad haircut experiences... hurrah for it almost being your birthday!

  2. Well, at least I'm not a quitter.
    And I would be eckthited (which I totally got, btw) for Ohio if I was going to the Cleveland Art Museum, or Oberlin, Ohio...

    And don't worry, I always hope I'll drop 40 pounds over the summer and become a sexy beast. I've gained four. woo.
    Although, I could very well be sexy. I'm not very good at determining these things...

  3. I'm sorry that those other bloggers lost there passion but do not be depressed, for we have continued and met even more awesome people. *points at previous comments* See?

    RE: Yeah, I know. This year of school for me is going to be crazy busy. I'm captain of the Academic Team, a Spirit leader for Robotics and worrying about taking SATs and ACTs. I

    I was so busy this first week I didn't even have time to blog! (That and my space bar broke and I've only now grown accustomed to its new quirks. Like I can only really hit in the dead center for it to work/register.)