Sunday, September 9, 2012


So I completely lied about posting on Monday and Tuesday. I wasn't exactly swamped with work, but I had more than I anticipated and was really too tired to focus on blogging. But I haven't abandoned you, friends! I know everyone else is busy with back-to-school, too.

I have to say I'm very happy with my classes. I fixed the schedule error, and am now taking all the classes I want to take, none of which seem as difficult as last year's. I feel better prepared to handle a lot of work this year. I guess I'll go through all of my classes.

On Tuesday, I started with study hall. I recognized some people, none of whom I could sit with, so I sat with some random freshman girl. It was really fun telling her I'm a junior now and seeing the look of amazement on her face. Kim is in my study hall now, bringing me up to four classes with her!

After study hall I went to physics, where I was mercifully placed in the very back of the class, separate from the rest of the students. Luck of my last name, I guess. I feel much more comfortable there than in the sea of desks. After that was English. There's only one 3AP class, so there are 36 kids in that class, including about half of my very best friends! The teacher is a little eager with assigning homework, but I don't think it'll be a particularly difficult class.

Having lunch is actually pretty enjoyable. Currently, I sit with Kim, Maia, Benny, and Justin. I've actually been bringing lunch, unlike the last three years, though my lunch is more a motley assortment of sides than an actual meal. "Break", or homeroom or whatever, is good too; I know a lot of the people in there, as they were also members of Quills and Keys, and the teacher seems nice.

My first class after the break period was US History, though it was the wrong level. I felt very uncomfortable there, honestly. My new history teacher seems...well, like he doesn't like the world much. He's pretty funny, though. I'm looking forward to that class.

Latin has always been a pretty good class for me, though this year, like the last two years, I'm not really friends with anyone in my class. They combine the 3H and 4AP classes, which basically just means there's a bunch of seniors in my class. I know I'm a junior and all, but seniors still kind of scare me!

Finally, the last class of the day was gym, which is of course nothing special, though I know have it a different period due to my schedule change. I actually don't have gym shorts yet, so hopefully I can acquire some before I have to run around a ridiculously hot gym in sweats!

The next day, with the next rotation, I had math and psychology for the first time. I have the same math teacher as in ninth grade. She's kind of bumbling and unobservant most of the time, but she's nice enough, and I didn't have any troubling following her lessons. Psych seems really interesting, and I was lucky enough to find people I'm friendly with, who are now part of my class group. I'm really looking forward to this class, as well!

So that's all for my classes! My week thus far has been decent, though exhausting. It became increasingly harder to get up in the morning every night I didn't get enough sleep. I was looking forward to seeing Zack this weekend, but unfortunately that fell through--disappointing, but I'll manage! I see him between most classes, though of course not for very long. Next week we're definitely doing something. Yesterday I lazed around the house all day, but today I went to the mall with Maya.

It was a successful trip! I didn't actually buy what I wanted to, but I got to lovely shirts. I got this lovely button-up which I'll probably wear both to Model UN and school. It's a nicer color than is shown; more of a burgundy than a pink. I also got this super-comfortable long-sleeve tee-shirt, in the blue-ish shade, which I'll probably just wear all the time when it gets cooler out.

I'm not looking forward to having to set my alarm tonight! Well, I'll catch up with you all later, friends. I hope you all had an excellent return to school!

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  1. I always forget you take latin...
    Gold star for you.

    (Sorry I haven't commented in a while. School work swamped me)