Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sadness Abounds

Well, shoot. I don't want to check how long it's been because it'll probably make me sad. It probably made you guys sad too! Sadness all around.

I considered adding "at least I hope so" to that sentence, but it seems wrong to wish that people were sad. Eh.

I suppose I could pretend this is just a normal update and talk about school or something. I made it through Hell Week, academically speaking, last week, and somehow emerged with all As and Bs for the second marking period! Guys, I'm going to Harvard. Like, for sure. Really. *suppresses tears*

I feel like a middle-schooler blogging for the first time.

I wrote a poem which got the approval of some of my friends. I'm not a huge fan of it myself but I'm blanking on what to say now (still having trouble with that after several months of absence, yes) so here's a poem for your reading pleasure:
The formatting got messed up and I don't feel like fixing it at this hour bahahhhhhh
The second one is from a different perspective, in case anyone was confused. Or if anyone bothered to read that. Gosh, I don't know. That's the only creative thing I've written in about three weeks so I'm kind of fishing for compliments by this point. I was really excited about this one story I was writing before this avalanche of work, but I haven't had any time to write and now I'm just not feeling it. Ugh, once more in the clutches of writer's block.

This is kind of a random thought. I was having a conversation with someone I don't usually talk to the other day, and at some point he said that he doesn't really love people, and I said in return that I don't find it that difficult to love people. I kind of wonder if that's true. I said it, but I'm not sure, because there's a lot of shallow people that I know who I definitely do not love.

Oh, that reminds me. I've recently become fascinated by the process of making friends. I want to make new friends! Not because I'm tired of my old friends, but just for the thrill of opening a new book and experiencing a new character. I kind of want to dip into every little world, if that makes sense. I'm not really sure. I'm inexplicably tired--inexplicably because I've been a lump all day. I did wake up at seven for no reason, though. Curse you, sleep cycle. Curse you.


  1. I definitely support making new friends! It's so much fun.

    Also, your poem? Pure gold.

    Glad you've made it back to Blogger, sorry you don't seem all that happy about it. Having just been awoken with a dose of sadness, however, I wouldn't blame you. Blog about whatever suits your fancy. And, like always, I will do my best to comment. Make connections.

    See you on the flip side.

    1. I've been trying to make friends with people in my physics class and so far it's going well. I wish it wasn't weird to ask people to hang out though.

      "The formatting got messed up and I don't feel like fixing it at this hour bahahhhhhh" is basically Shakespeare, I know.

      I'm not exactly unhappy about returning, I just feel guilty and I'm not sure if the spark is back. I have a tumblr now which I'm also pretty absent on. I followed you! c: