Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello! I'm determined to get into the habit of blogging again! Besides, it was either this or mindlessly play Sims for another hour. You know, I don't know how to take a screenshot. Me no understandy computer-magic.

The other day, I had the shortest-lived conversation with Weslie (previously Up, if I never made that distinction) ever, and then an hour later my friend, who doesn't even know him, had an hour-long conversation with him. I'm kind of bumming about it, actually. I mean, like, yeah, I get the hint, thanks. I lack the social magic which others possess, I suppose.

This is a picture of my cat. In case you thought it was a picture of someone else's cat. My other cat is in the living room, so I don't want to bother her!

I wish I was going to a New Year's Eve party! I would throw one myself, but I don't have enough friends, and also my house is awful. I could wear a sparkly dress and everything :( Although, Kim is coming over for a sleepover tomorrow, which is almost New Year's Eve. Perhaps at midnight we'll run screaming through the streets, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!", and see if anyone calls the cops.

I should probably read A Tale of Two Cities sometime, or do vocab, since my English teacher actually gave us homework over break. I think I'll just play Sims till my dad kicks me off the computer. Hm!

Good night!


  1. >.> I've never played The Sims...
    Weslie makes me think of The Princess Bride.

    Sorry I stopped responding on Facebook chat - I was reading this post...

  2. I've never played the sims before... I really feel I should though because a part of me thinks I'm missing out.

    It's upsetting when that kind of situation happens. I can talk to strangers for longer with more indepth conversations then I ever could most of my friends now :/ It's kind of heartbreaking!

    Such a shame you're not going to a New Years party but I'm not either, I'm working but I'm sure you and your friend will have a lovely time tomorrow night. I do hope you run up and down the streets. Don't forget to sing Auld Lang Syne ;)

    Happy New Year, lovely! I hope you have a fabulous year (:

  3. Oh my...the sims definitely is super fun but also so time consuming..oh and I read Isaac's comment above I definitely thought of The Princess Bride too ahahha. Happy New Year!