Friday, December 9, 2011

What what what

Guys, guys, guys, I suck at this. What happened to blogging every couple of days and commenting regularly? Oh, the guilt! It eats away at me! You know, I blogged twice in all of November! How depressing!

Oh, and I centered my text. What what.

My grades right now are so nice, but it's still the beginning of the second marking period, and all of the things which I definitely failed haven't been graded yet. I have three B's and four A's. Yay for me.

I never posted about Quills and Keys! Oh me, oh my--it was so fun! The first meeting, the total number of people was sixteen, and some of them WEREN'T people that I begged to come! The second meeting, there were less, but that's okay! We're all busy with homework, especially ever Thanksgiving break. It's so exciting to be in charge of a club. Maia and I could definitely turn this into something great. Now I look forward to Wednesdays!

I do not look forward to Mondays. Fridays are great because I continually remember, throughout the day, that I don't have to get up early the next day. That's just the best feeling.

I feel like I should include pictures in my posts, but I don't have any pictures handy. Hm! I suppose a giant wall of text will have to do! EAT WORDS, BITCHEZ.

No, no, I kid. You're not bitchez. You're all very nice!

The assignment this week for Quills and Keys is to write a poem. Why I suggested this, I don't know. I never let anyone read my poetry, because I'm not very good. I mean, I'm okay with that, as long as no one else reads them! And one time Maia did when I wasn't looking and laughed at me, and I was pissed. Maybe I'll write something fantastic! Yes.

Yesterday I took a test that f*cked everyone was a bitch was very difficult! The vocab test I took earlier was easy, though. So was the biology test I took today. I don't know. Maybe I'll study for Latin and math this weekend. Hahaha.

I should blog more! I should stop being lazy, yes!

It's the Christmas season. I get to buy gifts for people! Yes!


  1. I've been really bad at commenting lately. I could make excuses, but I won't. It just happens, so I don't think you or I should feel bad.


  2. It's okay. Life gets in the way of blog related duties more often than not.

    Seriously though, if they would just make school start an hour later or something it would make having to wake up for school so much better.