Sunday, November 23, 2008


I love the eye, and I added the words like?


  1. Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it. No I do not go to your school (at least I don't think I do) and Jaerixon is my pseudonym. And don't regret what you said, you wrote well.

  2. I like it.
    I love the eye too.
    I recycle on a weekly basis, whenever my garbage dude takes the recycling. Trying to get my family to cooperate is another thing.

    Oh! I'm on you favorite blogs List. How awesome. I shall add you to mine. :D

    In humanities, my teacher doesn't do a damn thing. He sits on his computewr doing God only knows. And give us multiple worksheets and a book. Ugh. And he's obsessed with hisory fair. OBSESSED!

    Haha, I was a Twihard (Twilighter, I prefer) but I read the book again recently and found that the writing is quite suckish.
    SMeyer spends a lot of time describing the way Edward looks and uses the same words over and over.
    But, I still must say that it is my favorite series. Because she obviously does a great job of making Edward the dream guy.
    Mysterious. Dangerous. Willing to hurt himself just to keep you alive. A gentlemen. Shiny. Yum.


  3. Ya, when I was making my blog I thought it was important to stay as neutral as possible. That is why I made my pseudonym. People will be more likely to read and listen to what I have to say when I am neutral you know?

  4. Well if you like what I have to say and you like my thoughts, spread the word. I write to improve society, but my words are only as good as the amount of people they reach. You could help me do that. So tell your friends, suggest to them that they should read my blog, put in a good word for me ;)

  5. I probably would have a lot of homework too. But, I am being a horrible daughter/student and not going to school. Again.
    Ugh. What is wrong with me?

    Anyways, I wanna poptart now.

    I have to do my history fair project on John Lennon. Which is actually becoming less painful. But, my teacher (homo momo) only talks about Primary Sources. blahblahblahblah.
    He's not as bad as my science teacher though...