Thursday, November 27, 2008

I dreamt of loving.

Someone got trampled to death yesterday so someone's brat could have a new peice of plastic that they'll outgrow in a year.

That's completely sick. These people need to be arrested as murderers.

They actually pushed the door down. Because those sales are gonna disappear, aren't they?


  1. Kill that small country because one person is a moron? It be like is china went and killed us cuz they didnt like the president and we're smaller then them. Should we bomb small places like hawii and madagascar to solve over population? kill people like us just because they exist? And kill people the steal something? This person could be poor starving and unempolyed. Should we just kill them?

  2. 1. I was tired when I wrote this.

    2. If people don't want to take such drastic measures, maybe they should think of a better idea.

    3. I admitted that it wasn't a good idea.

    4. I only wrote it so people would comment. I like comments...

  3. Hello peace,
    I've got a lot to write for you and I'm in a good mood today so hear I go.

    In response to your post:
    If only we could do that. If only we could just bomb everyone in Iraq without conflict. If only we could nuke Jerusalem and solve that conflict once and for all. If only we could kill everyone in Africa so maybe they would play nicely with each other. If only we could kill the Chinese for their crimes. But, we cannot. There are consequences. But I'm glad to see you understand the necessity of cold hard logic and action. There are a lot of problems in today's world which if we do not act now, we will have to result to these types of methods to resolve them. But people are afraid. Afraid of the consequences. People are afraid of inaction but they are afraid of fighting, because even if they win, they know they will still get hit. That's why they elect politicians and president. The public lifts great men and women onto their shoulders just so they can be martyrs for some cause. Look at today, we blame Bush for the war yet after 9/11 everyone called for action. People are too weak and cowardly to adopt responsibility themselves, this is something I'm hoping to change...

    In response to your comment on my "What is art?" post:
    Very interesting point you made, that we try to connect ourselves to everything in existence so that we find security. I never thought of that before, but I would say it is right, somewhat.

    In response to your comment on my "Illusions" post:
    Ignorance is bliss. There is no doubt of that. However, it is impossible to stay ignorant forever (at least for the most part). There will come a time when you are forced to confront the true reality, and that is when you meet conflict, but until that time comes you do live in "bliss", at least to some extent.

    In response to your question on my "Illusions" post:
    People always say "everyone is equal" but this is a euphemism and a lie. We are not all equal. The president is more valuable than orange-picker. So if many men died for someone who was extremely valuable, I would call that the opposite of foolishness. I would say those men did what needed to be done.

    I hope that answers your questions. You seem to be pretty smart and insightful, I'd like it if I could hear from you some more.


    PS. You had asked how old I am, I'm 16

  4. why does everyone want to kill everyone else?

  5. Why do the people who don't want to kill others not do anything to prevent it?

  6. they do. by not killing people.

  7. Wait, were you under the empression I wanted to kill people?

    I was offering it as a solution.

    The ONLY solution that would entirely eliminate the problem.

    If you could think of a different way, I'd be glad to hear.

  8. sure. kill the bad people. not the entire contry they live in. and the world is not that over-poplated.

  9. Yeah, it is. Even if it wasn't, it will be. It's like with Rome. Eventually there'll be too much to handle, and the world will fall apart.

    Gee, haven't we been doing such a good job of that before?

  10. hey maybe global warming will kill us before then

  11. What a great future we have

  12. We were never meant to destroy it so completely.

    So that's why you were absent today? Teeth?

  13. yep. i had these cotton things in my mouth for awhile and they stuck out so i looked like walrus.

  14. Uh... so your talkin bout the ways the world should end, than that Lolo looks like a walrus...?
    Well I just thought id stop by and join in on the fun!

  15. i'm a walrus... raur raur or wat ever noise a walrus makes

  16. I find this all rather amusing, as you can imagine.

  17. *hides face in shame* Shes not my friend...

  18. strawberry shortcakeDecember 5, 2008 at 6:58 AM

    Who? Me or walrus girl?

  19. thank god. rar raur

  20. hey back.
    You don't blog anymore?