Saturday, December 20, 2008

where, oh where, is the "listening to" section?

Go to Red. Experience the wonder.
Anywhos, it is really early (9:14) and I feel tired even though I know I'm not, since I slept for a good 8 hours like a rock. And I keep coughing, which sucks, because everytime I swallow I have to cough again, and it really hurts. I need some coughing medicine...
So far Daniel's in the lead. Hmm. Well, he is nicer.
I'm referring to my poll, for all you rather dumb people out there.
Like the new colors? I do. I still don't like this blog that much, though. I'm thinking of just doing black and white, but I love the green so much, and black and white wouldn't match my totally awesome picture behind the title.
So I'm keeping the colors as they are.
Can you turn off the internet?


  1. Hi, my name's Lizzie.

    Nice to meet 'cha Strawberry.

    How's life?

  2. I would.

    But, I like me new blog.

    I update the other one sometimes but no one goes on RED any more. And it doesn't make me feel special when I see that 3 people have visited that day.

    I'll continue to do both though.
    Just this one more than my other.

  3. My end of the spectrum, eh?

    It's okay; I'm sick, too. Coughing fits usually now.

    As far as everything else goes, merely okay.
    Christmas won't be that special for my family.
    Much blahness.

    And yeah.
    I'm about to watch a movie with James McAvoy, the sexiest, awesomest guy alive.

    [Movie: "Rory O' Shea Was Here".]

  4. Ha, I'll try that sometime.
    Like a said, family blahness.
    We're all kinda/sorta at each other's throats.
    You haven't heard of James McAvoy?
    Oh my.
    Do you live in a box?
    I kid but still...
    to name what he's been in,
    Wanted [the action packed one also staring Angelina Jolie]
    The Last King of Scotland,
    Becoming Jane,
    and Penelope.
    I don't even know who Basil and Daniel are.
    Is that a crime, too?

    Oh, and umm, quite a few smileys.