Friday, December 26, 2008

heh heh

Sorry 'bout my....temper tantrum last entry. But I'm cool now!

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  1. Peace,
    You said, "Humans are too selfish for the meaning of life to be helping others." When I say that the purpose of the life is to advance the human race, I am not saying to go out and help everybody else, I am saying take responsibility for what is yours. The reason I write and I work to progress is not to help you, it is to help me. I recycle and advocate recycling to help my environment and my planet. I want to help my country and my community not to make life better for you, but life better for me. So when I say to take up the responsibilities of the planet, I want you to take responsibility for what is yours. Keep in mind, when I say "you" I am referring to everyone.

    Now, I am a very strong believer in fairness. I have gotten to where I am through the grace of others, my family, my teachers, my friends, books, movies, everything around me has contributed to my creation. Maybe others feel differently, but I feel like I owe everything to everyone, and the only way I can say I lived a fair life is if I work to pay them back. How is it fair that I live only my life only for love and happiness when there are the people in the world who have never felt either? How can I say I lived a fair life unless I work to give everyone the same opportunities I was lucky enough to receive?

    Maybe it's just me that feels this. maybe I am wrong.